parrot in darkness

Are Parrots Afraid of the Dark? 

For humans, it’s only natural to be afraid of the dark. We become familiar with the concept in our childhood and often carry it throughout our lives. There are many subconscious reasons why people get so easily scared of darkness, but that is the topic for another article. Today, I’d like to talk about darkness …

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Why Do Parrots Attack Feet?

Imagine such a situation. You are having fun with your pet parrot, and suddenly, they attack your feet. Or your friend’s parrot bites your feet when you visit them. It may be funny, but the feet and toes are very sensitive, and these bites are painful. Even if your parrot is not aggressive, they may …

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Four lovebirds

Are Lovebirds Noisy?

Having parrots at my house for the past several years, I got used to the amount of noise they make. So chattering did not bother me. And I was pretty surprised when one friend who visited my house said that birds are boisterous. So I started wondering how much noise is ok for the parrots. …

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