Are Lovebirds Noisy?

Having parrots at my house for the past several years, I got used to the amount of noise they make. So chattering did not bother me. And I was pretty surprised when one friend who visited my house said that birds are boisterous. So I started wondering how much noise is ok for the parrots. …

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Can Parrots Be Autistic?

Parrots are very sociable animals, and they like to communicate both with people and with other animals. Often they do everything to get your attention and to start communication. They can chat all the time, sing and make various sounds using the surrounding objects. They are one of the most social animals, who get great …

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Parrot and mirror floor

Do Cockatiels Like Mirrors?

Recently I was thinking of getting my cockatiel some new toys. It’s good to have many toys in the birdcage to prevent the bird’s stress when it is left alone in the cage. I have heard that cockatiels like toy mirrors, but I wasn’t sure, so I dug into the topic to find out more. …

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