parrot eating bread

Can Parakeets Eat Bread Safely?

Bread is not usually something a pet owner would consider giving their animal. However, it is something that is always (or almost) in our homes. Are we missing a tasty treat for pets, or is it right to avoid this type of food? Let’s find out whether your little parakeet will benefit from it. The …

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parrot in darkness

Are Parrots Afraid of the Dark? 

For humans, it’s only natural to be afraid of the dark. We become familiar with the concept in our childhood and often carry it throughout our lives. There are many subconscious reasons why people get so easily scared of darkness, but that is the topic for another article. Today, I’d like to talk about darkness …

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Do Cockatiels Get Cold?

During cold seasons like autumn and winter, the weather becomes cold and windy, so I started to worry about my cockatiel. Unfortunately, the weather has been pretty cold for the latest few years. I wasn’t sure the bird was comfortable with the temperature, mainly because it is small and originates from warm regions where the …

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