Welcome! My name is Irene and I'm an avid parrot enthusiast and breeding assistant. It all began when I was little and got my first parrot pet. Since then, there wasn't a time when I didn't have a chirping bird around. I'll gladly share the experience and knowledge I've gathered after years of parrot ownership and sanctuary volunteering!

Two macaws talk

Can Macaws Talk?

Talking is the reason why many people want to have a parrot. It’s actually a lot of fun to chat with your pet and learn new phrases together. However, sometimes some people are mistaken that all parrots can talk. What about the macaw? Can macaws talk? Yes, macaws can talk, and this is one of …

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white cockatoo

Can Cockatoos Talk?

Many people know that parrots can talk. However, this knowledge is not actually detailed because few people understand how parrots can actually speak. Also, many people mistakenly believe that all parrots can talk. So can a cockatoo talk? Yes, cockatoos can talk. Moreover, they have a pleasant and melodic tone of voice, while other parrots …

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Two parrots

Is My Parrot Male or Female?

Usually, we can easily tell if our pet is a female or a male. For a definition, there are simple anatomical signs in most animals. It applies to most mammals: cats, dogs, hamsters, and other cute pets. However, in the case of birds, things are a little different, and parrots are no exception. So, is …

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Parrots and Toucans

Are Parrots and Toucans Related?

Sometimes people wonder how connected they are with other people. In the same way, you may wonder if different types of animals and birds are related. However, what do we mean by “related”? Is it about how monkeys and humans are related or how relatives are related? For example, are parrots and toucans related? Yes, …

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