Do Cockatiels Like Mirrors?

Recently I was thinking of getting my cockatiel some new toys. It’s good to have many toys in the birdcage to prevent the bird’s stress when it is left alone in the cage. I have heard that cockatiels like toy mirrors, but I wasn’t sure, so I dug into the topic to find out more.

So, do cockatiels like mirrors?

The short answer is Yes. Like all birds, cockatiels adore looking at their reflection in the mirror. There are many reasons for this, but generally, all cockatiels are attracted to shiny objects around them. So bird mirror can keep your parrot busy and entertained for a long in the cage. 

Cockatiels are profoundly perplexing and social birds that will more often than not need a ton of feeling, and perhaps the most effective way to do that is by giving various toys.

Let’s check more details regarding bird mirrors and which one is the best for your cockatiel.

Should Cockatiels Have Mirrors in Their Cage?

Traditionally cockatiels can live happily even without a mirror in their cage. However, when you own a cockatiel, you take part in the challenge of keeping this pet busy and entertained during the day. So a mirror can be an excellent toy for your parrot that makes him company if you own only one bird. However, some breeders confirm that you don’t need to hang a mirror in the cage if you have two cockatiels as birds play with each other.

Another thing is that having a mirror in the cage can make the parrot’s training more difficult as the bird will be distracted. Ideally, you can keep your cockatiel busy with toys, including a mirror, or get him another cockatiel as a companion.

Two and more cockatiels in the cage can still be interested in playing with the bird mirror. The more form of stimulation you have for your pet, the better.

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Can Cockatiels Recognize Themselves in a Mirror?

This has been a subject of many studies, and scientists confirm that cockatiel does not recognize himself in the mirror.

Usually, cockatiel will perceive the mirror bird as the second bird in the cage and communicate with it. For this reason, many breeders use a mirror. If you have only one cockatiel, this can helps entertain the bird.

The cockatiel can bond with the mirror cockatiel, which can be risky in numerous ways. Still, the mirror can’t replace an alive companion for your pet.

Do Cockatiels Like Looking in Mirrors?

Parrots enjoy playing with the mirror and looking into it for many reasons.

First, they notice their reflection as another bird in the cage that mimics their moves and voice. They can even become emotionally bound to that reflection as they can’t recognize it as being the reflection of themselves.

If you have two cockatiels that are bonded, they still can find it exciting to play with the mirror.

Can Parrots Recognize Themselves In A Mirror?

Are Mirrors Dangerous for Cockatiels?

There is an opinion that mirrors can be dangerous for single cockatiels. It is not dangerous because it harms the pet, but the mirror can interfere with the training and bonding process between you and the parrot.

Using a mirror to replace all other types of socialization can also be harmful to your cockatiel. Even if your parrot enjoys playing with a mirror, you still have to find time and ways to communicate with him. Because for cockatiels socializing is a big deal.

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So mirror can be a great addition to the cage but should not replace another type of interaction. 

It’s anything but a decent substitute for different cockatiels; however it is something extraordinary to have regardless.

A few cockatiels can engage themselves for a really long time respecting mirrors and their own appearance.

In this way, indeed, cockatiels like mirrors!