Parakeets Need a Nest (But an Unusual One)

In the wild, birds create nests for their future chicks on their own. They tend to gather a variety of materials, from natural twigs and feathers to some human-made particles. Theoretically, your house parrot still has that instinct to form a nest during the mating period. However, can they actually do that in practice? Do parakeets need a nest provided?

Your parakeets need a test for laying eggs. While many birds do create nests on their own, even wild parakeets do not do that. Instead, they simply occupy hollow tree trunks left by woodpeckers. So, your pet will need a nest provided by you.

Another critical factor is that parakeets sleep in such nests even outside the mating period. Thus, I suggest buying a dedicated nest for nightly use. Finally, remember that parakeet nests differ from the usual bird nests people imagine.

What Nests Do Parakeets Need?

parakeet nests

In the wild, parakeets need a dark and tight space for sleep. So they usually find the tree trunks with holes made by woodpeckers and sleep there. We are currently talking about this kind of nest that any parakeet needs.

A parakeet will not do well with a usual bird nest used for laying eggs. You’ll need a specialized box with a hole on the side of the right size so your parrot can climb inside. To make the box more comfortable, fill it with wood chips/shavings, feathers, etc. You can also leave a tiny pile of materials for your parakeet to take into the nest on its own. Of course, not all parakeets would do that, but still, you can try.
Your parakeet should love sleeping in such a box. This is a safe shelter that provides privacy, warmth, and comfort. However, you may notice that your bird doesn’t ever get in the cage. The small size of the hole may cause this. Get a bigger box.

You may also notice that your bird stays in the cage during the days. It’s okay; your parakeet is just taking a nap. If you see no other worrisome signs, your bird is okay.

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How and When Parakeets Sleep?

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Now that we’ve covered the importance of a nest for parakeets, it’s certainly interesting to know other details about their sleeping schedule. You’ll need to understand your pet’s habits to keep track of their health in the future!

The first thing to learn is that parakeets can sleep outside simply on branches. And they do that in the wild as well. After all, you don’t have such a comfortable cover at all times. House parakeets often sleep on perches just okay by tucking into their partners or themselves. They are in safety in their cage anyway. However, if your house is colder and the cage lack privacy, your parakeet will need a nest. If you throw a towel on its cage at nighttime, it’ll certainly feel better, but the nest’s comfort is far superior.

Usually, parrots follow the natural night/day cycle and get to sleep when the sun sets down.

You should provide the nest for eggs during the mating period anyway, so why not leave it permanently. Of course, your parrot may not always sleep inside, but it’ll enjoy such an option anyway.

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Do Parakeets Need Nest When They Mate?

mating parakeet nests

As I’ve mentioned before, an owner needs to buy a nest for their nesting couple! This is where the female will lay eggs.

If you have a male/female couple living in one cage, be ready to find petite chicks in the nest at all times! Yes, removing the nest can deter the process, but why leave the birds without comfort? You can take in two males as a compromise, to deter constant mating. Two females will need a drastically bigger cage for a harmonious life.

In the wild, parakeets can breed all year round. The warmth and peace of your house offer the perfect conditions for that.

There are also certain courting/mating signs your parrots will show before actually laying eggs. Such as:

  • regurgitating food
  • tail lift
  • vent rubbing

If you notice these signs, separate the birds for a while. You can also take the net out for a while if you don’t have a second cage. Lone parakeets can also display such signs toward toys. So it’s also recommended to remove the toys from the cage. At least for a couple of days.
Overall, if you don’t intend to breed parakeets and still want a pair of birds, I always recommend two males. They can coexist peacefully in one cage.

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To sum it all up, I’d like to highlight once again – parakeets do not require the typical bird nests. Instead, they require specialized boxes filled with nesting materials for comfort. And parakeets do not only use them during the mating period – they usually sleep in them.
Overall, I suggest buying a parakeet nest if you want to offer the utmost comfort to your pet!
When choosing a nest, pay attention to the materials’ quality and the size of the hole!