Do Parrots Kiss Their Owners?

If you are interested in having a parrot pet at home, you will appreciate its various colors, types, and sizes. In addition, parrots are incredible talkers when they imitate human speech. Plus, they are considered among the most intelligent animals in the world. However, all parrot owners will tell you that the most precious parrot feature is their love and friendliness, And kissing is one of the ways in which parrots express their love.

Yes, parrots do kiss. You should know that they kiss not only their mates or other parrots but their human owners as well. Of course, this is not the regular kissing we humans do. They don’t have lips. But they will put their beak to your face and gently nibble you. Don’t worry; it’s not painful. If they want to give an extra smooth, they can even lick you!

When it comes to kissing fellow parrots, they learn this as cute little chicks when their mothers feed them. Parrots associate this beak-to-beak contact with bonding their whole lives. When a couple of birds mates, you’ll notice them kissing as well.

A cute little fact: many parrots learn the kind of smooching noise people make while kissing and will also imitate it during their kisses.

Should I Kiss My Parrot?

parrots kissing

If you’ve ever wondered, “can I kiss my parrot?” you’ll be glad to know that you can kiss your parrot if you want to show it your love. Moreover, you better do it! Otherwise, your parrot may get lonely.

A simple peck on the bill or its head will translate to bonding time. Do you want to tell your parrot just how much you love it? Peck its head and give it a quick rub.

Even the beak is an entirely safe place to touch your parrot if you don’t let the bird lick you on the lips. Plus, you’ll know when your parrot may fall ill by watching for symptoms and avoid excessive touching in this case.

If it licks you on the shoulder or a hand, that’s okay. Just be sure to wash it away later.

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Will I Get Sick From Kissing a Parrot?

As I’ve mentioned, a simple peck is completely safe, provided you do it to your parrot. You always know whether your parrot is healthy or ill. Obviously, avoid such contact when you see strange signs and take your bird to the vet immediately. Parrots carry several harmful diseases and can give them to you: psittacosis, histoplasmosis, or cryptococcosis. Thus, always check your bird for strange symptoms.

On the contrary, be mindful of what illness you can give your parrot. No saliva, obviously. But also don’t get too close to the bird when you feel sick. But more on that in the next paragraph.

Will My Parrot Get Sick From Human Saliva?

do parrots kiss
Do NOT repeat at home! Do not!

Yes, this is the right question to ask!

Absolutely no saliva near your parrot! And don’t feed it from your mouth.

An interesting fact: a parrot’s mouth is “cleaner” than a human’s mouth. They have fewer bacteria there!

A human mouth is the carrier of one of the most dangerous bacterias for parrots – gram-negative bacteria. Parrot’s immune system cannot fight it because it doesn’t have it naturally. As a result, your bird will get sick in the shortest period of time. Unfortunately, in some cases, it leads to the bird’s death. Do you see how dangerous the beloved owners are to their pets!?

Pasteurella multocida is a dangerous bacteria that leads to swift infection in the whole body. This bacteria is also present in the mouths of other mammals. So, if you have multiple pets at home, check that your parrot doesn’t come in contact with their saliva as well.
Even with no saliva, your lips may be dangerous to the bird. It consumes your lipstick or gloss; the parrot will become such as well.

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How to Discourage a Parrot From Sticking Its Tongue?

The bird has probably learned it from watching you! As parrots are likely to imitate their owners, they’ll repeat your behavior. This is actually a great sign that a parrot likes you. You can read about all those signs of parrot love in my previous article.

Thus if your bird has already gained this habit, you need to discourage it by keeping your lips always shut tightly. The parrot will get the idea that this is the way you are kissing in your family!

When Can’t my Parrot Kiss Me?

There is always an issue of general health. Your bird may get a bird flue, or you may be the carrier of a human flue. Anyway, when one of you is ill, wait with all that kissing for a better time. Also, strong-scented foods may not be the best idea before kissing.

Why Does Parrot’s Mouth Vibrate?

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This is a kind of purring the parrot does to show how happy and content it is. This is also one of the signs it likes you. When the bird does that, be sure to answer its love by scratching or kissing it.

However, remember that birds also do this before regurgitating food. And parrots do that for their owners as well! So no matter how gross it is to love, to them – it’s love.

A bird will also vibrate against the things it likes the most, not only you. Thus, it’ll tell you what toys are your favorite!

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Why Does a Parrot Kiss or Lick My Hand?

It just shows that it loves you. Yet again. You see how many kinds of ways parrots have to express their love? Licking anything of yours is just one of them! It may be your hand out your neck, your fingers, shoulders, and so on. Basically, wherever the bird can reach. The bird just explored the world and you.

Also, be careful after giving your parrot chili peppers; the area where it licks may hurt.

Will My Parrot Like My Kisses?

Sure! These are lovable and sociable birds. It will bask in your love as long as you are giving it. Almost all parrots love attention and quality time together with the owner! Besides, they seem to like the smooch of kissing very much. And they will repeat it again and again.