Are Toasters Safe for Parrots? 3 Best Toasters To Get

Before I became a parrot owner, I never thought that toasters could bear any harm to my feathery pet.

I do love having a fresh toast for my breakfast. I also believe that crusty toast with scrambled eggs and a cup of orange juice is the important meal of the day. So not to lose my everyday joy in the morning, I ought to learn if toasters are safe for a parrot.

In general, toasters are harmful to parrots. Many toasters include non-stick coating called Teflon. Such coating makes up toxic fumes when you heat and prepare the toast. As a result, a toaster in the household with a parrot can be dangerous and even deadly for the bird.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss why toaster ovens represent a danger for parrots, what makes toaster ovens so hazardous, if a few toaster ovens are more secure than others, and which toaster ovens are non-poisonous.

Why Toasters Are Dangerous for Parrots?

You may be surprised, but most standard household equipment is harmful to the parrot.

Parrot genetically differs from humans, so things that are safe for people can be at the same time dangerous for birds.

Of these everyday family things, toaster ovens are frequently harmful and possibly dangerous for parrots.

They can deliver unscented gas, which is very risky for parrots.

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What Makes Your Toaster Dangerous for a Parrot?

All household equipment, including toasters that contain non-stick coating, bears danger for the parrot.

These appliances, when heated, emit a gas that is invisible and has no odor. For example, every time you prepare a toast for yourself, your toaster emits this harmful gas.

While you don’t for even a moment notice the gas, your parrot could bite the dust from openness to it.

Numerous toasters and ovens highlight non-stick covering, including Teflon, PTFE, and PFOA.

Sadly, almost all toasters available on the market are still harmful to your parrot. So, before you purchase a new toaster, ensure you do careful research and get yourself a parrot-friendly toaster. 

Which Types of Toasters Are Safer for the Parrot?

Not all toasters have the same design.

You might be able to pick a toaster without non-stick coatings; many parrot owners successfully buy toast ovens or even convection ovens that are safer for the parrot.

You can, in any case, get the warm toast you love in the first part of the day without delivering each of the gas that is destructive to your parrot.

Brands known for using non-stick coating in the production of toasters and toaster ovens are B&D, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Oster, and DeLonghi.

The brands that don’t use harmful substances in their products are Hamilton Beach, Miallegro, and Waring.

So be sure to check the product description and see what it contains. Even if the product description does not have any information about Teflon, PTFE, or PFOA in the product, it’s a good idea to check the brand more before purchasing. Then, you can contact the manufacturer directly and check up with them.

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Can Toasters Contain Teflon?

Teflon is a name for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is a part of the PFAS chemical family.

Teflon, and other non-stick covering brands, include numerous harmful properties and have been related to medical conditions in people and creatures the same.

PFOA is a chemical substance used to create PTFE, but it is considered so dangerous that most manufacturers have refused to use it. Instead, new chemical substances have replaced PFOA now.

Unfortunately, many models still contain some kind of PTFE non-stick coating.

On the one hand, the non-stick coating makes it easier to cook and clean the cookware, but it can be detrimental to the health of your bird. When heated, the gas it produces is toxic for the parrot and can cause sudden death.

That is why you should avoid non-stick coating as much as possible. Keep an eye not only on Teflon coating but only on other substances like PTFE or PFOA in the contents of the toaster.

Likewise, you ought to check with producers before making a buy to guarantee you find a non-harmful toaster oven without Teflon or anything comparable. 

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 Which Toaster Ovens Are Non-toxic?

If you decide to buy a new parrot-safe toaster, check the Hamilton Beach toasters. They have on offer a wide range of non-toxic cookware. For example, their Hamilton Beach countertop toaster is made of non-toxic coating and stainless steel.

Another model to try is Waring convection oven. This option is Teflon-free and can fit all the toasting needs.

And finally high-end toasting tool – Wolf digital convection oven – that is PTFE-free and contains lots of extra features.