17 Arguments Why Parrots Make Good Pets, You Don’t Know What You Are Missing 

Parrots are among the most interesting pets you can adopt! Among the whole variety of animals who can happily live in captivity, parrots have certain unique features that make them the perfect companion for many people. 

The long lifespan of the birds and their openness to social interaction with people make parrots a desirable pet for millions of people across the globe. Today, we’ll discuss all the reasons why parrots are good pets and you may want to adopt this bird as well!

I’ve prepared a list of compelling features that will make you take a second look at this underestimated animal. Yet, this is a highly subjective view of the bird and its presence in a home. You may come up with additional pros and cons of parrot pets. Please share them with all readers (and me!) in the comments section if you do. 

A Parrot Is Intelligent 

is parrot a good pet

Are parrots good pets? Of course!

Parrots are among the most intelligent animals on planet Earth! Of course, their intellect is not a rival to humans, but they are considered somewhere on the level of dolphins and chimpanzees. 

Numerous studies show that parrots are brilliant for animals. They have a great knack for problem-solving, they have developed communication structures, and they understand certain human aspects. For example, take math. Several experiments show the possibility of parrots understanding addition and subtraction. 

That is quite an impressive achievement, even for human toddlers and children. Scientists estimate the parrot’s intelligence levels to be similar to a 7-year-old child. Can you imagine your pet being THAT smart? 

It means that communication with your parrot will never be boring. Plus, you can provide some complex puzzle toys and enjoy how the bird solves them! 

Speaking of communication.

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A Parrot is Social 

are parrots good pets

Parrots are social birds. In the wild, they mostly live in flocks. In captivity, the bird needs enough socialization with its family to stay sane and happy. Many exotic pets serve more as decoration: they are reluctant to play and often even come near their owners. 

Parrots are more similar to cats and dogs in this regard. If you buy a young parrot and teach it to accept your touch, it’ll gladly sit on your shoulder and will chirp near you. 

Parrots adore quality time spent with their family! And that is one of the main reasons to adopt a parrot as a pet. 

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A Parrot Is a Lifetime Friend 

are parrots good pets

As I’ve mentioned initially, a parrot is a good pet and such a desirable option mainly because it can become a life-long companion. 

Of course, various types of parrots have different lifespans. Some of them live no longer than ten years; some are even less. However, many parrots can live a long, happy life with you of around 40-60 years! The oldest parrot dies at the age of 83 years, if I remember correctly. 

The saddest part about adopting a pet is the time when we need to say goodbye to them. With many animals, the time comes too soon. But parrots will stay with you for long years to come. Provided that you take care of their health, of course. 

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A Parrot Grooms Itself 

are parrots good pets

Grooming is something that people may spend thousands of dollars on when treating their pets. Most of the time, professional grooming is quite expensive, especially for dogs. 

And this is where parrots show their superiority yet again. They are super hygienic on their own. They daily preen feathers and stay clean most of the time, except for emergencies where owners are to blame most of the time. 

Other times, parrots don’t require much attention from your side. Parrots can keep their feathers clean and shine on their own. Tough, they like a bit of “rainfall” water once in a while, to remember their roots, I suppose. But that is more of a fun activity than grooming for them. 

All you have to do is a quick nail clip once in a while. That’s all! 

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A Parrot Is Cheap to Feed 

is parrot a good pet

A parrot’s diet is a simple one that consists of bird pellets and certain foods that you already have at home anyways: fruit, veggies, and seeds. This is quite affordable compared to many other house animals. 

Besides, parrots are generally small pets and don’t eat much anyway. 

Around 60-70% of a parrot’s diet should consist of pellets and seed mixes. On average, a parrot eats between a fourth and a half of a cup a day (around 30-65 grams per day/1.1-2.2 ounces). 

E.g., an average 2.5-pound bag of parrot food (1.13 kg) that costs around $17 will last you up to a month for an average-sized bird. Plus, you’ll need to provide some fresh foods from your fringe. And that’s all. 

Note that this is a relatively affordable offer of bird pellets. You can surely find the luxury brands and deluxe mixes if you want to spoil the bird a bit. 

Thus, you can do with as little as $25-$35 a month for an average parrot. 

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A Parrot Is Easy to Train 

is parrot a good pet

If you combine two other benefits of parrots – intelligence and sociability, you get a third advantage, isn’t that cool? Yes, parrots are easy to train due to the mentioned factors. First of all, you train them to use human phrases and to respond to specific triggers. 

For example, you can train your parrot to respond with “good morning, beautiful” after every “good morning” of yours. Thus, you’ll always wake up cheerful and feeling beautiful. Honestly, getting compliments from your bird is just as pleasant as hearing them from other people! 

Besides, your parrot can learn various cool tricks such as simple math, solving puzzles, recognizing colors, counting, and so on!  

Also, this reminds me of another huge benefit of adopting a parrot! 

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A Parrot Can Speak 

are parrots good pets

Parrots can mimic human language, and that is the main reason why many people decide to adopt them! Imagine that any other animal learns human speech! That would make it 10 times as attractive! Even if you know that it’s not a real conversation

Their mimicking abilities allow parrots to learn many human phrases and even mimic the tone and pitch. 

On average, parrot pets can learn around 1000 words! For people, that would be enough for a basic conversation! But you should teach your parrot every day and from a young age to reach this count. 

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A Parrot Is Your Live Music Player

is parrot a good pet

Parrots like to sing! If you often play music for your bird. It’ll learn the tunes and will be chirping them at all times! Well, almost. Besides, they do it in such a cute way. More adorable than the original! 

There’s only one catch to that – do not listen to songs you wouldn’t like to hear from the bird occasionally. If it catches a tune that you hate and will love singing it….not the best option for you! 

A Parrot Is Beautiful 

parrots are good pets

Okay, this one is important to more people than we’d like to admit. Of course, choosing a pet by only its appearance is a bit “meh,” but it is what it is. And parrots are beautiful adorable birds. Besides, they come in a variety of shapes and colors! If you don’t like the traditional green parrots, the common pet choice, you can opt for red, blue, grey, yellow, and even blackbirds! The range is vast. But, also, try considering all types of green parrots – there are many types that you may not be acquainted with! I’ve written a comprehensive list of green parrot types before! Check it. 

Some of the most beautiful parrots I can call right away are 

  • Hyacinth Macaw 
  • Rose-Breasted Cockatoo
  • Blue Quaker Parrot 
  • Pesquet’s parrot (also known as a Dracula parrot due to its “scary” appearance, which I adore!)
  • Moluccan Cockatoo 
  • The Galah

There are even more beautiful types! 

A Parrot Dances 

parrots are good pets

A parrot is not only a great singer but also a fantastic dancer. In general, they are great with rhythm. Scientists believe that parrots are the only animal who can keep a beat, just like humans. 

So, as you hear your parrot happily singing a song, take a look at this performer. It’s probably dancing in its cage as well. 

Have you seen videos of parrots jumping around, rocking their heads, and swinging to the music? That is the best kind of entertainment I’d want from my pets! Especially when it starts a super cool rocker headbang!! With a parrot, your day will never be boring. 

A Parrot Communicates 

parrots are good pets

This section is not about good parrot pets learning human phrases but clearly communicating to their owner what they need. 

Parrots also have a rich non-verbal communication arsenal, similar to humans. In time, you’ll learn to distinguish certain sets of physical signs that will tell you a parrot’s mood and needs. 

They will get vocal when they are hungry or angry. But, when the bird is frightened, you’ll clearly see that it’s all “shriveled” and closed up. Even the way a parrot bobs its head indicates its condition. 

The bird runs on instinct and will clearly show you when it’s in a good mood (thus cuddly, singing, and so on) and when it’s in a bad mood (wing flapping, bites, etc.).

It’s in big contrast with many other pets who are extremely difficult to read. With parrots, you can actually tell when something bothers them. 

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A Parrot Likes Bathing 

Bathing a cat is a bother. It’s a deathly ordeal for an owner! Dogs like bathing, but they tend to spray all over! 

However, parrots cuties when bathing. They like a gentle artificial “rainfall” that reminds them of their tropical roots! And you won’t need to clean the whole apartment after such a bath. 

If a parrot does a good job preening, you don’t need to clean a parrot often. If it likes bathing, it can enjoy the rainfall every week. 

And just imagine how cool it would be to sing in the shower together with your bird! 

A Parrot Likes Other Pets

parrots are good pets

All those numerous YouTube videos of parrots being friendly with virtually any other pet imaginable are the result of the incredible social friendliness of these birds. They can live peacefully with any other animal. 

Thus, if you already have some cuties in your home, you can feel free to add a parrot to the mix. And vice versa. Provided that your other pet is not aggressive! A parrot has no problems with that. 

A Parrot Is Your Netflix Company 

parrots are good pets

A parrot will watch TV, YouTube, Netflix, and anything you watch with you! One of the signs that a bird likes you is imitation! It will start doing things with you and like you! Thus, you’ll notice that the bird nests near you while watching TV! You’ll have a comfy company for a movie marathon without unnecessary talks. 

There are lots of other things a parrot can do with you as well. All in all, you’ll get a loyal companion at all times. It’s like having a best friend living with you! Minus all the opposing sides like them not doing dishes or talking behind your back! The only downside is that it’ll steal your boyfriend/girlfriend. Well, at least a big part of their love and attention! Though, this is a danger you’ll have to face with any pet! 

A Parrot Is Entertaining 

parrots are good pets

A parrot is not a boring decoration like a fish. It’ll take part in many of your daily activities and is an active member of the family. The bird’s behavior is somewhat strange at times but always cute. You can spend hours with the bird just socializing, playing, and petting. And it’ll ever straighten you for watching some bordering type. Unlike cats or rabbits (believe me!). 

Besides, you can take it for a walk on a harness or as the perfect companion for a road trip. If you put it on your shoulder, you’ll become the ultimate pirate of your neighborhood! And you already know what your next Halloween costume will be! Though don’t take the bird to a crowded party!!! 

A Parrot Is Not “Pets” 

parrots are good pets

Let me explain. You often see a rule “no pets allowed” when renting an apartment. Or a house. Strangely, most owners don’t consider parrots among these “pets.” I believe the reason is the relative cleanliness of parrots compared to cats and dogs. They are not as messy and don’t ruin all the furniture. Well, some moody birds can peek at wallpaper that is easily fixed. 

Luckily, landlords often pay little attention to parrots and other bird pets. 

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A Parrot Flies

parrots are good pets

I know this is not a partial benefit that will make living with this particular pet easy. Instead, this is an awe-inspiring thing that is just my little weakness. When I see a bird flying, I always imagine how cool it would be to spread your wings and go on an awesome journey in the skies.

And when this is not some random bird but your dear friend who flies in your home, you feel some sort of connection to this exotic (for humans) ability. A parrot considers its owner a part of its flock, and it brings you one step closer to the airborne magic!

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All in all, a parrot is a superb pet to have at home! All the reasons above are just my personal things. I’m sure there are tons of other positive sides to owning a parrot that I cannot think of right now!

For you, some of the reasons maybe not be as important as they are for other people. But that is the magic of parrots; they are truly versatile animals that can make any human being happy!