How Long Do Pineapple Conures Live?

One day I talked to my friends about how long their parrots lived. One of them said he had had a pineapple conure for the past 25 years. Wow, I was impressed by that long lifespan. Of course, I knew that parrots could live long, but I didn’t expect that long.

So I decided to look into this topic. So let’s see how long do pineapple conures can live?

Expect your pineapple conure to be with you for 30 years in captivity. These parrots rarely reach this limit in the wild because of many factors that influence their lifespan. But in captivity, the healthy pineapple conure can live 25-30 years in a row. 

Of course, you can agree with me that 30 years is a very long lifespan for the pet. That is why these pets are considered those that need lots of care from the owner. They will be with you for a long time, so you should keep this in mind before getting a pineapple conure for you,

Let’s move on.

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How Long Do Pineapple Conures Live In Captivity?

Thanks to proper diet and care, pineapple conures can live up to 30 years in captivity. This may seem too long for such a small creature, but generally, all parrots are long-living birds. This is because they do not need to spend their energy on finding food. If you provide your parrot with healthy food on a daily basis, this will make them live even longer.

Also, living in captivity is safer than in the wild. Many predators also hunt conures in the wild, so this danger is entirely absent when they live in captivity. Conures also save some energy for searching for a safe place to sleep. All of these add more years to their lifespan.

How Long Do Pineapple Conures Live in the Wild?

Living in the wild is pretty different from captivity. Many factors influence the lifespan of wild conures.

The diet and regime are not stable if the conure lives in the wild jungle.

They had to fly many kilometers to find food and water. In addition, many predators are waiting to attack a conure, so they have to hide and search for safe places to sleep.

Conures have to mate and grow chicks which adds to the shortening of their lifespan.

Thanks to these factors, the pineapple conure can suddenly die anytime in the wild. And the lifespan shortens to 15-20 years dramatically. So the lifespan will vary significantly for pineapple conures.

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What Are Signs That Your Conure Is Dying?

If your pineapple conure is ill or dying, it will display specific behavior and other signs that can be understood as signs of dying.

These are as follows:

  • Fluffing feathers and making a ball shape
  • Huddling up
  • Their poop loses color
  • Feathers become limp and coarse.

Pineapple conures that are dying will stay away from the company and spend more time alone.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s better to speak with the veterinarian.

Who Is the Oldest Living Pineapple Conure?

Unfortunately, we do not know about such parrots. There is no record about the pineapple conure, the oldest in the world. The upper limit is 30 years, so probably the oldest conure in the wild is 20-25 years old now. But we do not have any records of where he lives.

To Sum Up

Pineapple conures are known to be long-living creatures. Typically parrots live long, but the pineapple conures are the parrots that have the most extended lifespan.

As you understand, the lifespan differs in the wild and captivity. Domestic parrots will live longer than their wild companions. The amount of care and time invested in the conure also increases its lifespan.

Accepting it is dealt with spot-on, and given the ideal life, your pineapple conure can be with you for around something like 25 in the event that not 30 years.