Quaker Parrots Cost: Are They Expensive?

Buying a parrot for a pet with lots of great responsibility but lots of fun as well. These birds are playful and cheerful. They will make your day brighter. When deciding to buy a parrot, one of the deciding factors is the price. A great bird with a reasonable tag is a Quaker. But what exactly is its cost? 

This bright green parrot will cost you between $200 and $500 on average. The age of a bird and the breeder credential influence the price. These parrots are rather among bird enthusiasts for their quick mind and playful nature. Thus, the demand is high. But that sum is only the price tag of a bird. The actual budget for parrot adoption is more extensive than this simple buy. 

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Overall, a Quaker is not your $50 Budgie but not a rare Macaw or African Grey. But you should know that the initial $300 is not all. You’ll need to take care of a cage, grooming accessories, food, toys, a vet appointment, and so on. We’ll take a closer look at these additional expenses in this article. In the end, you’ll get the final price range of the full budget your parrot pet requires. 

How Much Quaker Food Costs? 

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Parrot food is never expensive. Practically everything that these birds eat is already in your kitchen. And those products that you don’t have are really cheap. Overall, parrots have the following diet: fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds. But you should always check that it is not harmful to birds. For example, do not buy salty or fried nuts and seeds. Parrots’ digestive system is very fragile and can bring the birds lots of trouble. 

As for the amount of food you’ll need, the rule of thumb is the bigger the bird, the more food it needs. And quaker is not a huge bird! 

They are so small that you’ll go by with less than $15 a week. You can use this money to buy the specialized food assortments for parrots sold in pet shops. They have everything your bird can eat and come with the necessary vitamins and minerals. In any case, if you doubt whether a parrot can eat specific assortments or what “at-home” food is actually useful, don’t be afraid to ask your vet for advice. They’ll check what nutrients your bird gets and what else is needed. 

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How Expensive Is a Parrot Vet? 

quaker parrot vet price

Vet bills are always there in the budget when you adopt a pet. No matter what animal you choose, you’ll need to visit a veterinary clinic for an initial checkup and whatever comes up later. In the U.S., on average, the checkup bill is between $50 and $200, depending on the animal, state, clinic, and issue. 

Note that the more expensive states like New York or California tend to have pricier clinics. However, no matter where you live, price is not always a 100% indicator of quality. Always read reviews from other people and take notice whether they sound genuine or promotional. 

Choose a vet clinic beforehand. When your parrot has issues, there is no time to research. 

Quakers, like all parrots, face lots of varied health issues throughout their lives that require pricy treatment compared to regular checkups. The common issues are: 

  • Psittacosis
  • Liver disease
  • Feather destructive behavior
  • Digestive issues

You may wonder about the “feather” issue – it’s simply when parrots start excessively plucking their feathers. You need to see a vet to prevent further harm. 

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Are Quaker Toys Expensive? 

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When it comes to toys and accessories, you may stay on budget or splurge as much as you want. 

The must-have is a comfy cage, spacious enough for the bird. You should also include a beak scratcher, a perch, a feeder, and a bird bed. The rest will make its life comfortable but are not the first necessity. Your budget should not be higher than $20-$30. 

The cage does not have to be luxurious. Its main criterion is size. Considering that a Quaker is a small bird, you can find a cheap cage suitable for the bird. It should cost up to $100. You may go for a more expensive one if you wish so. Also, check for reviews if you buy a cage online. People will tell you about its quality and longevity. Buy a cage, then a bird! 

Considering that Quakers are active and playful, they greatly benefit from lots of toys. Especially when you have little time to play with them. And they need to learn to entertain themselves not to be reliant on you. Also, note that parrots like to throw around the toys and destroy them in different ways. You may not buy expensive toys but will have to replace them regularly. The approximate sum is $20 a month. 

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Are Parrot Cleaning Supplies Expensive? 

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Parrots are messy, and you’ll have to clean a lot. Though Quaker is small, it’ll make an impressive mess. On average, experts recommend allocating around $10 a week for this purpose. In my experience, that is too much for that. A parrot shampoo will last you a long time! 

You can also offer your bird a bit of a SPA relaxation and take it to a groomer. Though, for pets, professional grooming may be more of a stress than relaxation. The cost of grooming is around $35, depending on where you live. 

Be sure to take proper care of your parrot’s hygiene! And keep the cage clean. 

If you take good care of a Quaker you’ll get a loyal pet and companion that will make your days brighter and