How Much Caique Parrots Cost? A Detailed Budget Review

People are generally social creatures, just like many animals. You may not like people (which is common nowadays), but you still need a loyal companion in your home. That is why people adopt cats and dogs. However, the variety of cool pets is far greater! Parrot, for example. I adore them and suggest all my friends who want an intelligent, playful, and social companion.

Lately, I’ve been fascinated with a particular type of parrot – caique. These are intelligent birds who can be taught a few tricks and will gladly play with you all day long! These are happy chirpy birds that are easy to take care of.

But if you decide that adopt a caique and make it a member of your family, you should be prepared for all the costs that will come along the way. So, to prepare you for an expected burdet, I’ll cover the total costs of buying and maintaining your bird.

On average, a caique costs anywhere between $1000 and $2000. The prices are high, but the bird is relatively rare. Besides, it’s highly intelligent and cute! The price range is also huge. It’ll depend on the size, gender, health, and breeder. And though you can find cheaper options online, I suggest contacting a reputable breeder to get a healthy bird. Plus, you need to account for the smaller future costs and feeding the bird, bringing it to the vet, and so on.

The list of expenses is not as long as the one you may have for cats or dogs, mainly because of food affordability. However, considering that a caique usually lives up to 40 years, you’ll be obligated to take care of it for a long time.

On a positive note, you’ll get a lifelong friend for yourself and your family!

Now, to the expenses, okay?

How Much Does Caique Food Cost?

caique food

As with all parrots, you can rest assured that you won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars a month for pet food alone. First of all, these are small creatures, and they eat less. Secondly, their food is not expensive. Thirdly, you already have a part of their diet in your kitchen.

On average, you may need to spend around $10-$20 per week.

As parrots are very sensitive when it comes to their digestion, you need to keep a strict diet with them. However, it should be diverse enough so that your caique doesn’t get bored with eating the same stuff over and over again.

Generally, parrot pellets should take up around 70% of a parrot’s diet. You can find a variety of pellets online and offline in pet stores. You can also check the top parrot pellets you need to try in 2021!

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How Much Does Vet for Caique Cost?

buy a caique

Veterinary visits should always be included in your parrot’s budget.

First of all, your cafe will need regular checkups at least twice a year. Vet prices are very dependent on your location. Your country, city, and even neighborhood status may effectively raise or lower the general veterinary prices. It can be anywhere from $30 to $250. And this is only for the basic checkup!

When you come to the vet for any emergency of sorts, expect the prices to be higher, from $100 approximately and higher. Well, this also depends on your issues. Unfortunately, parrots are sensitive and weak in certain areas, mainly the heart, liver, kidney, and digestive tract. So, a professional vet is needed.

How Much for Caique Toys?

is caique expensive

This category depends solely on you! You can either give your body something generic from your home to pay for (safe for animals only!), or you can buy lots of luxury toys. Your bird will feel great as long as the object gives it some sort of response for cognitive training.
However, parrots are very active and messy, and they will chew and break the toys over time. Do not expect them to last years! For some, not even a month.

Thus, this is a flexible category that may range anywhere between $20, and as far as you can imagine,
However, please, be sure to keep your caique entertained. They need mental stimulation also. Otherwise, they can easily become depressed.

How Much for Caique Cleaning Supplies

This is a pretty cheap category. Once you buy the needed tools, you won’t need to worry about them for a long time. Overall, I suggest expecting somewhere around $25 a month. Probably less if you find cheap deals with wipes, towels, and so on!

Overall, caiques are cleaner than some parrots, but you still need to clean regularly!

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How Much for a Caique Cage?

caique parrot

Caiques are medium-sized parrots. So, you won’t need a huge cage that can even take up your room!

You can easily buy a suitable cage at the cost of around $200 with a play top and everything needed. Overall, I can recommend taking a look at the article about the best cages for African Grey. Yes, they are bigger than caiques, but any cage suitable for them will do for a smaller bird!

Overall, caiques are some of the cutest parrots that can live in captivity. You don’t need much to provide a comfortable life for these birds. Yes, they may cost a lot, but the maintenance expenses are low! And consider that you are paying for a friend for the next 40 years! That’s impressive for a pet!