How Much Does An African Grey Cost?

Parrots are adorable birds. Having one as a pet may be a delightful experience. However, different parrots have different needs, which you as an owner must supply. When we speak of African grey parrots, not knowing their initial cost may prevent you from adopting such a friendly creature. So, with this in mind, let’s dive deeper into the topic of how much does an African grey cost?

You may be surprised, but African grey can cost you a fortune. The prices named by the breeders reach thousands of dollars. Not to mention the price tag for supplies such as food, cage and toys. Such a pile of money can prevent some from buying an African grey parrot. But the cost of this parrot is quite affordable if we remember that this parrot is very rare in nature. So the start price can be around 1500 USD.

Although African greys are incredibly costly pets to have, they are adorable creatures. They’re loving and cautious parrots who fall under the bigger segment of parrots.

So with this in mind, let’s discuss the bills you are to pay if you own an African grey parrot. The bills will include a budget for food and veterinarian visits, accessories, and much more.

How Much Are African Grey Veterinarian Bills?

Nevertheless, African greys are costly parrots; their vet bills will be nearly the same as other parrots’. The price of the veterinarian will depend on how healthy your parrot is. The size of the parrot is another point that increases the bill for African grey parrot owners. As these parrots are pretty big ones, you will be paying more than smaller birds’ owners.

The average cost of the vet is 35$, but in case there are any complications or your pet requires a medicine, be ready to pay up to 100$

Besides, assuming that you feed your African Gray respectable food and deal with them, there’s a decent opportunity you will not need to run into the lamentable bill pilings from vets. By the by, the following are a couple of usual wellbeing worries of African Grays to know about:

  • Feather picking
  • Calcium deficiency
  • Deficiency of vitamins A and D
  • Respiratory disease
  • Feather infections
  • Psittacine beak
  • Psittacosis

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How Much Is Food for an African Grey?

The African grey, as you know, are pretty large parrots; however, they need not that much food. In general, per one day, they need to eat roughly half or a quarter of their weight. So, for example, if the parrot weighs 600 grams, it’ll need 300 or 150 grams of meal per day.

Most of their diet should contain seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables that are safe for the parrot to eat. On top of that, it’s a good idea to add to their menu some protein foods.

Most of the above meals can be found in a human’s fridge, but there is also specific parrot food that you’ll need to buy on top of that.

I’ve calculated and researched, and in general, you will be spending nearly 20$ for food for your African grey weekly. Though the number is quite approximate, you may spend more or less than that.

Keep in mind, that this number is very vague, and you may find yourself spending a lot more or less.

How Much Do Accessories and Toys Cost for an African Grey?

Fun accessories and toys aren’t a necessity but a fun addition to your parrot’s living. So why don’t you get your African grey a few nice toys?

Toys and fun accessories for the cage can cost you around 100$

Remember, your financial plan will assume a critical part in this since they’re not a need. In any case, your African Gray will have an essentially better existence with these pleasant increases in their day-to-day existence.

Depending on your spending ability, it will be up to you how much to spend on the parrot’s toys. You can upgrade the range of toys monthly, for example. However, remember to buy toys upfront and give them to your parrot one by one holding the periods.

Here is a shortlist of toys you can get:

  • Extra bed support
  • Ladder toy
  • Ring toys
  • Mini playground

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How Much Is an African Grey Cage?

No matter what parrot you have, the parrot’s cage is the most crucial purchase for the parrot owner.

Since African Gray parrots are such huge parrots, their enclosures will generally be on the expensive side. Clearly, this expensive side has an enormous zone that it can fall under, yet make it a point to pay through this price.

Be ready to spend 300$ for a decent cage for your African grey parrot.

If you really want to save some bucks, there are cages that cost 200$; however, don’t buy anything for less than 100$ as such cheap cages won’t last long, and in the end, you’ll spend more in the long run.

Considering parrots are in their enclosure for a large portion of their lives, ensure you put a nice sum into their enclosure. Besides, the better the enclosure, the more it’ll endure and will be simpler to clean. Once introduced, you can add a couple of options for them, and they’ll fall head over heels for their enclosure.

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How Much Does Hygiene and Cleaning Supplies Cost for an African Grey?

For some reason, many parrot owners often forget about the hygiene and costs of cleaning supplies related to the pet. As you may know, parrots are pretty messy birds, especially parrots of larger breeds. With this in mind, get ready to spend a decent amount on cleaning and supplies.

Be sure to have enough paper towels, cleaning solutions, and newspapers just in case your parrot is going to the bathroom or has an accident.

Plus, there are hygiene needs that you need to supply your parrot with, such as shampoo and various grooming services. Expect to pay 35-50$ per grooming session. But to be honest, the grooming is required not so often, so basically, this price is affordable.

In total, the hygiene needs can cost you 30-50$ per month.

In Conclusion

African Grays are wonderful parrots that are becoming more uncommon for us to take on. Albeit this is a down and out the real world, for those of us sufficiently lucky to embrace an African Gray, they’ll, without a doubt, change our lives. Assuming you have any inquiries regarding these expenses, make certain to contact a veterinarian or parrot-trained professional; they’ll have the option to point you in the right direction.