Can Parrots Eat Chillies

Can Parrots Eat Chilies Safely?

Many people love spicy food because it gives us a variety of tastes and vivid impressions. And chili is one of the ingredients in this wonderful spicy cuisine. Many people even try to grow chili at home on a windowsill to get an organic vegetable. And often, our pets can taste the chili that grows …

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Parrot and mirror floor

Do Cockatiels Like Mirrors?

Recently I was thinking of getting my cockatiel some new toys. It’s good to have many toys in the birdcage to prevent the bird’s stress when it is left alone in the cage. I have heard that cockatiels like toy mirrors, but I wasn’t sure, so I dug into the topic to find out more. …

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Are Parrots Birds Of Prey?

One fact about birds that I love is that they originate from ancient roots and dinosaur times. So they have predatory roots, basically. The question is how far they have strayed from these roots. Nowadays, birds known as birds of prey are good hunters. So I started wondering if that relates to parrots as well? …

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