Can Eclectus Parrots Talk? How Should I Teach Them

Recently I was talking with a relative about their new parrot. After broad examination, they decided to bring a youthful Eclectus parrot into their house!They are so excited by his adorable and drawing-in character.

Eclectus parrots are known for their quiet nature and knowledge, making them phenomenal pets.They love to mingle and can bond intimately with their loved ones.They are additionally uncommon emulates!

Given their extraordinary insight, we should investigate the central inquiry I am posed about these birds.

So Can Eclectus parrots talk?

The answer is yes. Eclectus parrots are among the best parrot types that can be learned to speak. They like to mimic sounds and can memorize an extensive vocabulary of up to 250 words. The training should be done when these parrots are young. They also adore socializing and can create a strong bond with the owners.

Eclectus parrots tend to be quieter than other parrots and are often shy. So you have to create a positive and safe environment for them to start engaging in the dialogue with you.

The parrot has to feel confident and safe to start speaking, so it starts talking. These parrots are more sensitive compared to other parrot species. But they need lots of attention and interaction to speak and develop proper mental health.

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When Do Eclectus Parrots Start Talking?

Typically, the Eclectus parrot will begin to mimic sounds at the age of 4 months old. At this age, you should not expect the parrot to say clear words and sounds.

With time as the parrot matures, the speaking ability develops. For example, at the age of one year, they will speak more clearly by saying clear words.

Their puberty period starts at 18 months old, and Eclectus will fully mature at the age of 2-3 years old.

Hormonal changes during puberty can result in changes in their talking capability. During this time, parrots will interact differently, but you should not give up your efforts. Give them a chance to expand and improve their vocabulary. 

Any age is good to teach your Eclectus parrot new words. It may happen that you get yourself a mature parrot who can’t talk yet, but you still have a chance to teach him to speak. Inside a safe atmosphere, the parrot can pick up new sounds at any age if you invest time and effort into learning and give them lots of positive rewards.

Some birds may not speak at all. As all birds are different in terms of temperament and preferences.

Are Male or Female Eclectus Parrots Better Talkers?

Despite their gender, male and female parrots are great talkers.

Both genders are smart and have the same capability of learning new words.

However, there are still distinctions between male and female parrots. And these differences can influence the way you will need to train them. Traditionally males and females need to be trained in a different way because of their personalities.

In fact, even their plumage differs so much that they look like different species. The female parrot is bright red, while the male one is bright green. That is how they got their name Eclectus from the word “eclectic”. Not only their coloring differs, but their temperament and character are also variable.

Females tend to be calmer, while males are more social and easy-going. On the other hand, females can become more territorial and have strong maternal instincts. Because of this, some breeders think that males are easier to train to speak. But this is all about personal preferences.

Independent female Eclectus can be more difficult to train, and you may need to invest more time into the training. But still, this does not change the talking potential that female Eclectus has. So when you consider a male or female parrot, simply stick to your own needs and preferences.

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How Do I Learn Eclectus Parrot to Speak?

Eclectus parrots are very chatty and absolutely adore to talk. As soon as they become less shy and more comfortable in their environment, you won’t stop their talking.

Young parrots will not imitate sounds until they are 4 months old; however, this is not the reason for not starting their training earlier.

To do the first step in parrots training, simply talk with him clearly in your normal tone. The more time you do this, the more likely the parrot will start repeating the sounds he hears from you.

After the parrot starts repeating sounds, you can start doing formal training. To do this, create a daily training routine where you introduce new words to your parrot one by one. Clearly say the word or phrases, repeat them several times, and wait for your parrot to repeat these. And make sure you reward the correct attempts of the parrot. It would be ideal if you could take the bird out of the cage and interact with him while you are learning new words.

Additionally, you can do context training. It’s when you say specific phrases related to the specific context. For example, when you come into the room, say Hi or Hello. In this way, the parrot will pick the phrase and its contextual meaning. Make sure you say these phrases with a cheerful voice. In this way, the parrot will mimic your tone too.

Use verbal rewards or give your parrot some small treat if he says the phrase correctly.

Reward not only correctly said words but attempts to mimic words too. So even if the word is not clear and correct, reward your parrot for trying to show he is on the right track.

With time, the better your parrot talks, you should be more attentive to what you say next to him because the parrot can pick up some phrases you did not want him to know.

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Do Eclectus Parrots Talk as Well as African Greys?

Assuming you search for Eclectus parrots in Google, you’ll immediately go over is the dynamic conversation about Eclectus and African Grey parrots.

It could be, to a greater degree, a laid-back competition, as a matter of fact.

These proprietors most frequently want to determine whether the Eclectus parrot is as great at talking as the broadly smart African Grey.

In my opinion, both species are suitable.

While it is difficult to say if one is a preferred pet over the other, the examination is beneficial because the two parrots are exceptionally keen and can learn far-reaching vocabularies.

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Many breeders who had both species suggest that the vocabulary both parrot species can memorize is the same. They also confirm a similar degree of problem solving and mental ability.

Still, we have to remember that these parrots are different. Both species can be excellent talkers. But it’s

Of course, we must remember that the Eclectus and African Grey are very different birds. Both can be great speakers, but the choice should be made based on your lifestyle and personal preferences.