Can Princess Parrots Talk and How to Train Them?

When choosing a parrot for a pet, many of us hope for a talking parrot. This is one of the most important criteria for many owners, alongside bright coloring and size. Princess Parrot is not a highly popular bird among parrot owners, but it deserves attention due to its colorful coloring, perfect medium size (on the smaller range), and lively character. So only one question is left – THE question – can Princess Parrot Talk? 

A Princess Parrot is a suitable choice if you look for a capable bird that would learn “talking.” Though this type is not the most capable bird in terms of its potential vocabulary size, it can be trained to mimic human speech with due effort and time. Overall, it is a “talkative” parrot, so you might be surprised by its persistence in singing, chirping, and mimicking the several words it learns. 

As with all parrots, you’ll need to dedicate lots of time to train your bird correctly. Unfortunately, it won’t learn to mimic human speech n its own if you pay it no attention. So you’ll have to speak with the bird regularly to train it. 

Now, what exactly can you do to train the bird? 

Easy Way to Teach Princess Parrots to Talk 

do princess parrots talk

Princess Parrots have a natural ability to mimic human speech. However, you’ll need to cultivate their skills in order to expand the vocabulary to the max. There are several rules and tips that will help you with the task. If it’s your first parrot training experience, be prepared for slow progress, though. 

  1. Start with simple words. When you were little, you learned some simple words at first as well, something like mama or papa. Your parrot is no different. Start slow with it. Something like a simple hi, hello, or bye is the perfect first choice for the words. STick to them for quite some time; don’t rush to something else the moment your bird says the word for the first time. 
  2. Emphasis words. When you move to the next word, repeat it several times and say it very clearly. You can also start saying it every time you sit to play with the parrot. Plus, you can play with different tones when a particular word is mastered. Birds not only repeat words but tonality as well. 
  3. Patience and consistency. These are the two main ingredients of successful training. Some birds learn faster than others. So, be patient with your bird and train it daily. You can also take turns with your partner or family members to double the efforts but give your pet enough time to rest as well. 

In general, if you examine your pet’s behavior closely, you’ll soon learn its training speed and when the bird is willing to participate.  

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What Is Princess Parrot Personality? 

princess parakeet

If you are interested in teaching this particular parrot to speak, you probably wonder about its character. Some families search for calm, quiet birds; others need active and constantly chirping pets. Princess Parrots tend more to the latter but not to the extremes. Yes, they are talkative but not 24/7 and exceptionally loudly. These parrots are active and playful; they do well with kids. Most importantly, they are not aggressive! 

In addition, Princess Parrots are somewhat tricksters – they are intelligent creatures and can sometimes hide your stuff. Overall, they are hilarious to observe when in a playful mod. 

However, be prepared to hear some parrot singing as the bird expresses its natural calls around dusk and dawn. The songs and chirping are melodic and can serve as the perfect alarm.

In short, these are the characteristics of an average Princess Parrot. If you’ve ever had a pet, you’ll know that they all come with different characters and personalities. The same can be said about this parrot type. Some birds are louder; others are quiet. Plus, not all Princess Parrots are active all day; some will wait for you to come to them and play. 

I know that predicting a parrot’s personality is hard when you buy it at a young age; thus, I advise you to choose a bird with your heart. 

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How to Take Care of Princess Parrots? 

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In this regard, Princess Parrots are no different from any other kind of parrot. Birds are, in general, pretty easy to take care of. If you follow these rules, your bird will be happy and healthy. 

  1. The most important thing is a proper diet. You’ll find many articles about what foods are safe and dangerous for birds on this website. Overall, its diet should consist of bird pellets, fruit and vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Consult your veterinarian for a personalized diet plan. 
  2. Regular vet checkups! Do not neglect vet clinics even when everything seems okay with the bird. You should visit an experienced vet at least two times a year. 
  3. Stimulating games outside the cage. Princess Parrots require daily playtime outside the cage. During this time, you can also train it in talking. Considering the bird’s high intelligence, it needs regular stimulating games to keep its sharp wits! Overall, playtime is bonding time between parrots and their owners! Plus, family members close to the bird have higher chances to teach the pet sounds and words.

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In Conclusion 

Overall, I believe a Princess Parrot can become the perfect companion for a young family with kids who want a lively bird with a sharp mind. This parrot can learn enough words and even some phrases with due training to keep you entertained and impress your guests. 

Plus, the birds will gladly play with your kids with no aggression whatsoever. 

Just remember the few simple rules of bird training and give it plenty of rest in-between. A stressed or tired bird will have no progress and will only suffer if you press! So be gentle and attentive to it!