How Often Do Green Cheek Conures Poop?

When I was a kid I dreamed to have a bird as a pet. I believe I got the love for birds from my grandma. She used to have a parrot at her house. She often took me to watch birds in the nearby park.

Despite that my parents were against me having the bird in the house.

My mother said that parrots would poop all over the house and she did not want that to happen. So I didn’t get any parrot pet nor on my birthday neither on Christmas.

So when I grow up I decided to make my dream come true and get myself a parrot. I picked the green cheek conure as a pet.

Still the question how often do green cheek conures poop stuck in my head. That’s why I decided to research this topic and see if my mother was right about these birds.

In general, these parrots poop every 15 or 20 minutes. But that doesn’t really mean your house will be full of parrot’s poop.

In this article today, we’ll discover what are hygiene procedure you need to do when you own pet and how to deal with parrot’s poop to keep your house clean.

What Should My Green Cheek Conure’s Poop Look Like?

Healthy parrot will poop depending on how much is his portion and what seeds their diet includes.

If you parrot is healthy expect tube-shaped green-brown stool that contains white solid parts and clear liquid.

As I said the more the parrot eats the bigger will be the amount of his poop.

The color of the poop may vary depending on the diet. For example, if you feed your parrot with blueberries expect to have blue or purple stool.

Other colors that may appear in parrot’s poop are red, brown and green.  

Do Parrots Poop All Over The House?

Does Green Cheek Conure Poop Smell?

Good news is that bird’s poop has no smell.

There are two reasons for that. Firstly, the diet of the parrot includes fruits, seeds and vegetable that do not create an odor when they are digested. Secondly, the parrot’s digestive tract is short and works very quickly. This prevents wastes from creating a bad smell.  

Does Diet Affect How Often They Poop?

The answer is Yes!

If you change the parrot’s diet the kind and consistency of the stool also changes. For example, if you add red pepper, be ready to see red poop from your parrot. The amount and frequency of the poop will also be effected by the diet changes.

I have mentioned the blueberries above. If you feed your parrot with blueberries, expect the bird will poop faster.

The more water the parrot drinks, the more liquid will the poop be. 

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Does Their Poop Tell You Anything About Their Health? 

And Yes again!

You should watch out for the birds poop color and consistency because they can tell you if the parrot is healthy or no.

We’ve included below some major signs:

Smelly stool

As I said above the poop has no smell.

But in case if bird’s poop has a tangible odor, maybe the parrot has an infection such as giardia or troubles with the digestion tract like steatorrhea

Black poop

This color indicates that the parrot may have a bleeding somewhere in his digestion tract.

Lime Green poop

Such color may inform you about Chlamydiosis in your parrot.


If you don’t change water intake and diet, but your parrot still gets diarrhea this may be a sign of infection, stress, parasites or kidney, liver, or pancreatic disease. 

All the above requires you to visit your vet to make a examination of the parrots health.

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Can My Bird’s Poop Make Me Sick? 


Yes, you can get sick if you inhale parts of dried parrots stool.

There are only three diseases you can get from bird’s poop:

  • Psitticosis caused by Chlamydia psittaci (not confused with other Chlamydia species illnesses).
  • Cryptococcosus caused by fungus Cryptococcus neoformans.
  • Histoplasmosis caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum.  

When you clean bird’s cage from droppings that are dry you can easily inhale these particles as they become lightweight and have power-like form.

So I would recommend to use a mask when you do the cleaning to avoid inhaling it.

You may need to mention respiratory symptoms to you doctor if you cough, have fever and chills. Also mention that you own a bird at your house.  

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Can You Potty Train a Green Cheek Conure?

Yes, this is possible.

There are numerous ways to potty train your green cheek conure. You should be patient and consistent in your training. Prepare all of your positive attitude and a wipe when you potty train your parrot:

  1. First thing to do is monitor how your green cheek conure poops. You will need to understand his body language and signs that your parrot is about to poop soon.  Often green cheek conures show special body signs that are called “potty dance”. The bird starts to walk around in circles or back and forth on a perch. They can also walk backward  and fluff up the feathering.
  2. Once you notice the potty dance, you should move your bird to the potty station. You can choose the potty station at your own taste but it should be easy accessible for the parrot. For example, if your bird doesn’t fly, the potty station should be in the walking distance for your parrot.
  3. All you need to do next is reinforce the potty habit. Parrots respond good to praising and regularity.

Try not to be deterred in the event that they don’t get it right away.

Your green cheeked conure will have one more chance to get it right in around 20 minutes.

Keep an inspirational perspective and recall that consistency and tolerance forthright will bring about numerous long stretches of less mishaps later on.