How Long Can Green Cheek Conures Be Left Alone?

People have different working schedules. Unfortunately, sometimes busy working schedule can discourage you from having a pet.

On the other hand, pet owners may need some spare time to go out and just have fun. So some time planning is necessary. So how to do that?

First, you need to know how long can you leave your parrot alone.

Typically parrots require a few hours of communication and attention from the owner. If we speak about green cheek conures, you can leave them for 8-10 hours during the day when you are at work. Such timing has one condition – you should provide your parrot with proper time together with you.

What if you need to leave the town for a weekend? In this case, you need to find someone to watch your bird.
Today we’ll look at how much owner’s attention does a green cheek conure requires and what to do when you need to go to work.

How Much Attention Does a Green Cheek Conure Need Daily?

Green cheek conures are birds that live in flocks when they are in the wild. When you keep a green cheek conure at home, you become their flock. The flock provides parrots with safety and communication enough for a healthy life.

These parrots are social ones, so they need a companion to interact with. So you need to spend quality time with the bird on a daily basis. So how much time do you need to spend on the green cheek conure?

Different people have different opinions about this. Some say two hours; others speak of 6 and more hours per day.

So the choice is up to you, but be sure you invest time into interaction with your pet because it really needs this.

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What Should I Do for My Green Cheek Conure While I’m at Work?

Let’s stay in reality. It is likely you will need to go to work every day. This means you will leave the house for at least 8 hours a day.

So when you are out, how to entertain your parrot?

You may turn on the TV for your parrot to watch.

Another way is to put the cage with the parrot next to the open window so the parrot can hear other birds outside.

Plus, you can leave the green cheek conure in the same room with other pets if you have any.

These options are all good to use when you are at work; still, these cannot replace face-to-face communication with your parrot.

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Can I Leave My Green Cheek Conure Alone for the Weekend or Longer?

This question is highly negotiable.

Because many things can go wrong if you leave your parrot alone for several days.

Will that leave your pet’s death? Not likely, especially in today’s technological world, when you can use lots of devices to track your parrots left at home.

You can leave the parrot alone at home for several days with some planning beforehand. Will that be good for your green cheek conure? It’s debatable. But there are some situations where you just need to leave the pet home alone.

  1. So first, think of food and water supply. Get a vacation feeder that dispenses pellets to the bird. In this way, you can supply food for the bird for several days.
  2. Second, get a water bottle feeder. It helps to leave clean, fresh water for your bird. In addition, such feeders can keep water free of bacteria longer.After food and water are sorted out, think about entertainment and stimulation for the parrot.
  3. Today, we can have many devices that control the home and the electronics in it. For example, you can control the TV, air conditioning, heat, and more with such devices.
  4. You can also supply the cage with different chewing toys.
  5. You can get a camera to track your bird’s activity and look after it if you are away. In addition, many cameras allow you to communicate with the bird using your voice.

With all that in mind, is it good for your parrot to be left alone for several days? I’d say no. When you need to go away from home, the great idea is to get a sitter that can visit your bird from time to time and watch after it.

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What Happens to My Green Cheek Conure if I Leave It Alone Too Much?

The consequences of such can be different and depend on your bird, and the time it’s left alone.
If you leave home only for a few weekends per year and all other days, you invest time and play with your parrot, more likely that your green cheek conure will be fine.

But if you are busy with several jobs and your parrot spends most of the time alone in the cage, the consequences can be harmful.

Regular stress can lead to mental sickness in your parrot. This can be seen as compulsive feather plucking, loop-de-loops in the cage, screeching, and stress bars (changes in the feather’s appearance).

Stress bars are lines that run across through a plume shaft because of stress or unfortunate sustenance.

Parrot may have mental issues caused by stress same as humans do. So when you notice the behavior patterns explained above, you should visit a vet to see how you can resolve the situation.

Consider getting a permanent sitter for your parrot if you travel a lot because of your work. Such sitters can get to know the bird and will spend time with your bird.

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Another way to avoid stress for the pet is rehoming. Meaning you leave the parrot at your friends, for example; this will help prevent the disfiguring effects of mental issues that can result from neglect.

Alternatively, if you travel a lot because of work, consider investing in tech to ensure your parrot is safe while away from home.

If a parrot is already bonded to you, nothing can replace you and the time you spend together.