What Is a Group of Parrots Called? Name Revealed!

Many people have trouble remembering the collective animal names. I’m one of them. Are you? I don’t know what’s so hard about it, but they usually seem to evade me. So, I’ve decided to devote a tiny article to the question for curious minds like me! So, what is a group of parrots called?

Scientifically, it’s standard to call a group of parrots a flock. However, this is a generic term that applies to the bird in general. Parrot enthusiasts often use a more specific term for these exotic parrots – a pandemonium. Sometimes, you may also hear the term “company of parrots.” When discussing birds with ornithologists, you should better use “a flock.”

Now that you’ve got three options, you can choose any one of them, and a regular parrot enthusiast will understand you. Usually, I prefer the word pandemonium when talking fancy and try to use flock in my articles for more precision. Though, I’m sure you may also catch me writing “pandemonium” here and there.

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What Is a Pandemonium?

parrot pandemonium

When you learn the dictionary meaning of a pandemonium, you understand why this term is used to describe a gathering of parrots.

Definition of pandemonium

1: a wild uproar (as because of anger or excitement in a crowd of people)
PAN- + Late Latin daemonium “evil spirit.”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

And while parrots are in no way evil, any owner knows they can create mayhem when in flocks. This is the kinder version of “pandemonium.”

The term was created in the 17th century as pertaining to Satan but has lost its original evil meaning nowadays when speaking of cute and noisy parrots.

So, if you are as dramatic as I am with my parrots sometimes, feel free to use this flashy term.

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How Many Parrots Make a Flock?

parrot group name

When speaking in semantics, more than a pair of parrots is already a flock.

Now to the question of how many birds naturally gather in a flock. Well, it’s a unique number for various types of parrots. But, on average, parrots gather in flocks of 20 or 30 birds.

Smaller birds, like budgies, overcome those flocks and form huge swarms with up to a hundred birds!

Cockatiels beat that record and can live in flocks as big as a thousand birds!

Interestingly, budgie’s flocks are sometimes called “chatters” among parrot enthusiasts. Probably because of the constant chatter of these parrots in the wild.

The general rule is the following: bigger birds live in smaller flocks. Firstly, they are not such easy prey and get decent protection in smaller numbers. Secondly, they require more food, so more individuals in a small area would mean food deficiency.

Overall, parrots are highly social creatures who need to live at least in pairs, better flocks. They groom each other, take care of each other, and have greater mating chances this way. Of course, they use numbers for protection as well.

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Can You Have a Flock in Captivity?

a group of parrots

If you want to create your own flock of parrots, think carefully bout the idea. If you are not a professional breeder or can’t get its advice and regular tips, at least, I vote against the idea. With small birds, you can increase the number up to 4-5 birds, maybe if you have an aviary so that they can have their own space. It’s also essential to introduce them at a young age. Plus, you’ll need to take extra care of them during mating and avoid any possible conflicts. This is also where knowing parrot mating signs would be important.

But this is only possible with tiny parrots.

Average-sized parrots should only live in pairs, and the bigger ones, like Macaws, would feel better alone.

You should understand that the more birds you have, the more issues it’ll bring you. Plus, your parrots will be hardly comfortable and get enough care each. Some only feel comfortable sharing space with a mate. Others can’t constantly live with even a mate. So it’s all highly different for various types of birds.

Plus, it’s very hard to organize a comfortable environment in a house, even for a tiny flock. Impossible in a flat.

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In Conclusion

Whether you choose to name a group of parrots a flock, a pandemonium, a chatter, a craze, or some other dramatic name, it’s crucial to discuss parrots and not to be afraid to open up about your enthusiasms. These intelligent birds require more love from people looking for a pet. Many of us can’t even imagine how exciting and curious these birds are!