Are Parrots Exotic Animals?

Parrots, with their bright feathering, are birds that love to socialize. This makes them very desirable pets for different categories of people. Parrots remind us of something exotic like tropical forests and heat, or even pirates that used to have a parrot on their shoulder.

When I considered getting a parrot as a pet, I wondered if a parrot is an exotic animal? Or is that just a common way to percept these birds.

Yes, parrots are considered exotic animals. In captivity, their behavior is close to that in the wild. Many people decide to have a parrot because of their skill to communicate with the owner. Parrot’s skills’ to play and interact with other animals (like dogs or cats) make these birds desirable pets for many people.

In this article, I’ll go through the questions: what is an exotic animal, and why the parrot is considered an exotic pet.

What Is an Exotic Pet?

The definition of “exotic” says that the animal has to have a few features to be taken as exotic. They are:

  1. An animal is rare. More likely, this animal lives in the wild nature than in an apartment. The population of this animal or bird is not big.
  2. The type of this pet should not be fully domesticated. This means that the animal is found in the wild nature and rarely lives in captivity.
  3. Behavior. The pet can demonstrate unpredictable kinds of behavior. In some cases, it can be considered dangerous.

What Animals Are Not Exotic?

Domesticated pets, in contrast to exotic ones, are tamed. This means they are allowed to live next to humans and they have expected behavior and habits. These pets come from wild nature but were kept as domestic animals, food sources (like chicken), or pets for many generations.

Are Parrots Animals?

What Animals Are Considered Exotic?

Exotic pets, on the contrary, are more “wild” and less people-friendly. They demonstrate unpredictable behavior and not kept as a pet usually.

People enjoy having exotic pets at home. The comprehensive list of exotic pets includes snakes, lizards, frogs, hedgehogs, wallabies, and, of course, parrots.

Why Are Parrots Exotic Pets?

Parrots are considered exotic because of their behavior in captivity. Some parrot breeds demonstrate wild-like moods and actions so that they require particular conditions to live in captivity.

They require training to be suited for your household. And still, they show off wild nature habits when they mate, play with the owner or seek food.

However, when you treat your parrot pet properly, it becomes a loving friend for years to come.

What Are the Most Exotic Parrots?

The eagerness to get the most exotic pet pushes parrot breeders to travel into deep forests. There are many colorful birds, but some of them are considered the most exotic. These are:

  • Black cockatoo – needs lots of attention to create a bond with him. This parrot may demonstrate unfriendly behavior, so we suggest this bird for experienced breeders;

  • Golden conure wears eye-catching green wings and golden feathering. This stunning medium-sized parrot is a nice companion. It likes to interact and soon creates an affectionate bond with the owner. Recommended for first-time owners.

  • Australian king parrot – the one and only parrot that can boast of redhead feathering. They like to fly, but don’t enjoy being handled often. They don’t create a close bond with the owner in comparison to other breeds.

Because of their unique features, these parrots’ species are under an extinction threat. So getting one of them may be not only expensive, but it bears lots of responsibility. Such birds need special care. But if you are ready to invest time and effort into them, you’ll get great mates.

What Is the Rarest Parrot?

The thing is that some parrots are about to disappear at all. Deforestation and hunting lead to this horrifying fact.

Many parrot species become endangered, and some become rare. For example, Glaucous Macaw is the rarest parrot in the whole world. There are around fifty Glaucous Macaws left in the wild jungle. Moreover, no one has seen them in the wild for the last 50 years!

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What Is the Most Expensive Exotic Parrot?

Parrots are not cheap to buy. Depending on the type of bird, be ready to pay up to 11 500$.

A huge Hyacinth Macaw with a wingspan of 40 inches will cost that money. However, their attractive feathering and habits make them desirable to buy even with such a price tag.

Hyacinth Macaw

Black Palm Cockatoo is large and rare, so it may cost you around $16,000. Impressive, right? But that will be a wise investment. Black palm cockatoo lives up to 90 years! In captivity, this bird needs lots of care and a diet that mimics his natural menu – Australian nuts and fruits.

What Is the Best Exotic Bird to Own?

The answer will depend on your experience and lifestyle. If you are a first-time owner, Budgerigar is the best one to pick. Small and not so expensive (around 20$), this parrot is easy to get and take care of.

If you want to train your exotic bird, go ahead and pick a cockatiel. These parrots are usually like to sing. They whistle more often than scream or make just sounds. They can be trained to mimic human’s speech or separate sounds.

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To Sum Up

If you are looking to have an exotic pet, parrot may be one of your choices. No matter what are you up to ¬– quiet bird or brightness and loudness – there are parrots breeds for you.