Can Parrots Eat Bananas?

Parrots are very sociable birds. It also applies to eating with their people. They love it when people share everything they eat themselves. However, not all food you eat can be eaten by your feathered friend. In the wild nature, parrots eat with their flockmates and learn healthy eating habits from them. However, domestic parrots do not have this opportunity, and they will try to taste everything that their people eat. Therefore, your task is to provide your pet with proper and healthy nutrition and limit the consumption of unhealthy foods that can harm them.

What about parrots and bananas? Yes, parrots can eat bananas and moreover, they should eat them regularly. Unlike some fruits that can harm these birds (such as apple seeds), bananas have health benefits for your pet.

You may have many questions about this. Should you give bananas to your parrot every day? Can they eat banana bread or banana chips? What about the banana peel? In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions. Stay tuned for all the details!

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Can You Give Bananas to Lovebirds?

If you are a happy owner of lovebirds and want to know if they can eat bananas, the answer is simple. Yes, they can. What’s more, bananas are good for the health of lovebirds and provide them with nutrients for healthful development and general well-being.

What Are the Health Benefits of Bananas for Parrots?

Bananas have many health benefits for your feathered pets. They contain many vitamins and minerals that are involved in the proper functioning of the bird’s whole body. Here are the main nutrients from bananas that will benefit parrots.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a very important component that affects the functioning of many body systems in parrots. It helps maintain the health of feathers, eyes, skin, immune and reproductive system. Birds are often deficient in vitamin A, resulting in puffy eyes, skin infections, dull feathers, respiratory problems, and weight loss.

Maintaining adequate levels of vitamin A in your parrot’s diet will help eliminate the deficiency and improve health.

Vitamin B6

All B vitamins help your pet to maintain health and have a good immune system. They aid digestion and ensure good absorption of other beneficial elements. Vitamin B6 is quickly eliminated from the body, so you need to regularly replenish it and include it in your pet’s healthy diet.


Magnesium has many health benefits for parrots. It improves bone growth, helps birds grow healthy, strong beaks, claws and feathers, and promotes a healthy nervous system and good sleep recovery. Magnesium supports heart health and improves muscle coordination and neural connections in the brain.


Iron allows the blood of birds to produce hemoglobin in the required amount for good oxygen transport to all organs and systems. However, an excess of iron is bad for parrots, it can cause iron storage disease and harm your pet, and a lack of iron will lead to anemia. Therefore, be careful and provide your parrot with a balanced diet.

Can Parrots Eat Banana Peels?

Now you know about the health benefits of bananas for your feathered pet. However, can parrots eat bananas with peels? Is banana peel good for a parrot? In theory, a banana peel will not harm your parrot, but what is on its surface is much more important.

Like other fruits, banana ripening is often accelerated by pesticides and various inorganic fertilizers. It is also likely that chemical components are used to protect bananas from diseases and insects. Such substances are very harmful to birds and can provoke various diseases, even in small quantities. Even if you wash a banana thoroughly, its peel will still contain all of these harmful substances.

However, you have a way out if your parrot insists on your banana peel. Try to buy organic fruits as they are free of chemicals and pesticides. This banana peel will not harm your bird. However, in any case, you should thoroughly rinse the banana peel to get rid of possible bacteria that get on it during transportation.

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Should Parrots Eat Banana Chips?

You might think that since the banana has so many health benefits for a parrot, banana chips won’t do any harm. However, it is not true. Banana chips are processed food and are not safe for parrots.

These chips contain large amounts of sugar, which can be very harmful to your feathered friend. Depending on the manufacturer, one ounce of banana chips can contain 15 to 24 grams of sugar. It’s too much. When refined sugar enters the bird’s body, it inevitably leads to health problems.

Sugar is an ideal environment for infections. Besides, in birds, it weakens the immune system, and therefore they become vulnerable to any disease. Sugar disrupts the digestive system of parrots, upsets the endocrine and nervous systems. A variety of diseases can result from sugar consumption by parrots: cancer, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, feather loss, gout and nervous disorders.

So, while banana chips seem like a delicious treat to your parrot, you shouldn’t encourage them. While they have all the benefits of bananas, refined sugar can harm your parrot. If you want to pamper your pet, make your own banana chips without adding any other ingredients. Then they will become a useful and tasty treat for your bird.

Can Parrots Eat Banana Bread?

As with chips, store-bought banana bread can harm your bird. It contains trans fats, sugars, salt and preservatives. You can give your parrot a small slice of banana bread, but as a one-off experience to satisfy their curiosity.

If your parrot is showing an increased curiosity about banana bread, make it yourself. Avoid adding salt and sugar, but try supplementing a variety of seeds and chopped nuts. Then such a snack will even be useful for your bird. And remember that only fresh banana bread can be given to parrots because stale bread can cause digestive upset in a parrot.

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Banana Feeding Tips for Parrots

Use Raw 

You should definitely feed your parrot only with raw bananas. They are rich in various nutrients that will provide many health benefits for your pet. Bananas should be a moderate supplement to your parrot’s fruit diet. Remember that the bird should eat three different fruits every day to get enough vitamins.

Heat treatment removes all the vitamins from bananas. As a result, the fruit loses all its nutritional value for birds and becomes only a tasty but useless delicacy.

Try Organic

Even if you don’t intend to give your parrot banana peels, you should still opt for organic fruit. So you can be sure that the fruit does not contain any harmful elements and will really be a source of health for the bird. It is likely that non-organic bananas will not harm your bird. However, you don’t want to risk it, do you?

Choose Green

When choosing a banana for your parrot, try to choose the hardest and greenest ones. You may find this strange because ripe bananas are tastier. However, for parrots, green bananas will be healthier. They contain less starch and sugar.

Parrots, unlike humans, do not have special enzymes that help to properly process starch without harm to digestion. Therefore, it is difficult for birds to process starchy food. During digestion, starch is transformed into sugar and can upset the digestive system.

Overeating starch in birds leads to diabetes, disruption of the circulatory system and blockage of blood vessels in the brain. So choose green bananas to get the most out for your parrot.

Can You Give Plantains to Your Parrot?

Plantains are greener, rawer bananas that are completely safe for your bird. These bananas will benefit your parrot more because they contain more vitamins and nutrients. Try to also buy organic green plantains and give them raw to your pet.

There is one clarification in this tip. If your bird is sick, especially has a food system disorder, you better give them cooked plantains. Cooked bananas are easier to digest, and while they may not be high in vitamins, they will keep your bird full and strong during illness.

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As we can conclude, parrots can be fed with bananas. What’s more, bananas should be regularly added to your feathered pet’s diet as they contain many beneficial elements for birds. Make sure your bananas are raw, green, and organic for maximum benefits.

Avoid processed banana bread and banana chips in your pet’s diet, as they contain sugar, salt, and trans fats that are harmful to parrots. However, you can make these snacks at home without adding dangerous ingredients.