Can Parrots Eat Kiwi? Safe Ways to Feed Your Bird

We all love kiwi for its amazing taste and unusual aroma. People should include kiwi in their diet because it has many beneficial properties for the human body. However, not all food on your plate is safe or healthy for your bird. Are kiwis safe for your parrot’s diet? Can parrots eat kiwi fruit safely?

The answer is simple. Yes, kiwis are safe for parrots, and you can feed your pet this fruit. Kiwi has the same benefits for parrots as it does for humans. However, your parrot should not eat too much kiwi like any other food. So keep a healthy amount and diversify your pet’s diet with other healthy vegetables and fruits.

So, having answered the main question, let’s deal with the details. What amount of kiwi is safe for your parrot? Are all parts of this fruit suitable for bird feeding? How to properly feed your parrot with kiwi? What are the health benefits of kiwi fruit for your parrot’s diet? Let’s figure it out together!

What Is Kiwi?

Let’s discuss in general terms what kiwi is, in case you’ve never tried it before. People usually think that kiwi is a small fruit, but it is a type of berry that is the Chinese Gooseberry.

It has a funny history. In fact, this berry did not get its name in China. One New Zealander brought kiwi from China to his homeland and gave it the name of the national kiwi bird. Now, this berry is called kiwi all over the world.

These fruits have a slightly sour and, at the same time, sweet taste that many birds like. Unripe kiwis have a more tart and sour taste, while overripe berries are very sweet.

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Usually, people cut kiwi into slices or eat with a spoon by cutting the fruit in half. It is a simple and easy way to eat this juicy treat. Some people peel the kiwi by cutting off the thin skin, while others eat the whole fruit with the skin. What about parrots? In what way can you feed them kiwi? Can parrots eat kiwi seeds and peels? Let’s take a closer look at these questions!

What Parts of the Kiwi Can a Parrot Eat?

Feeding a kiwi fruit to your parrot will be a very simple task, as birds can eat the whole fruit, including the peel and seeds. While the seeds of some fruits and berries can be dangerous, kiwi seeds are even good for your parrot.

But while eating all the parts of the kiwi will be safe for your pet, the peel can be questionable. You probably already know that the skins of most fruits and berries contain many pesticides that can harm your pet.

Farmers use pesticides to protect vegetables and fruits from pests and diseases. Many birds suffer from chemical poisoning in the wild, so your responsibility is to keep your parrot safe from poisoning. Eating a little fruit peel may not harm your pet, but pesticides tend to accumulate in the bird’s body.

Even a small dose of chemicals can harm your parrot’s health, which is why I recommend you peel all vegetables and fruits. If you cannot peel the skin, as is the case with blueberries or strawberries, wash the fruit thoroughly before feeding your pet.

In the case of kiwis, you can hardly rinse their fluffy skin thoroughly. Therefore, choose organic fruits that are free of pesticides, or cut the skin of the kiwi.

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How Do You Feed Your Parrot a Kiwi?

While feeding your parrot, you can give them some fun entertainment by offering them kiwi fruit. If you opt for organic fruits, you can give a whole kiwi to your parrot. Some parrots like to peel the skin with their beak and eat the tender flesh inside. Peeling kiwi will keep your pet busy for a long time, and it will give them a lot of pleasure.

However, the whole kiwi is good for big parrots. If you have a small bird, you should cut the kiwi into wedges so they don’t overeat or don’t choke. Small parrots will find it easier to eat small pieces, and it will save you from the mess after feeding them with juicy fruit. You can also give your parrot kiwi juice by simply placing the fruit in a blender and mashing it until smooth.

What Are the Nutritional Benefits of Kiwi for Parrots?

Kiwi is a source of various vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for both humans and parrots. Let’s take a look at all the healthy components of kiwi fruit in detail:

  • Vitamin A. Overall health, cell and tissue growth, healthy vision, strong skeleton, and beautiful feathers.
  • Vitamin C. Healthy bones, blood vessels, and muscles, strong immunity, and good iron absorption in the blood.
  • Vitamin E. Good eyesight, healthy skin, and a strong immune system.
  • Vitamin K. Healthy blood clotting, fast healing of minor injuries.
  • Strong bones and tendons, correct metabolism, and a healthy heart.
  • Strong bones, strong beaks, and claws, healthy growth of young birds.

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How Much Kiwi Can I Feed My Parrot?

A healthy diet should include a variety of fruits, berries, and vegetables that should make up half of your bird’s diet. So, if you take away vegetables, fruits make up a quarter of all parrots’ diet. Of course, you should not choose one fruit or vegetable. Try different combinations and mix various fruits so that your pet gets a full set of all vitamins and minerals.

If you want to give your pet a whole kiwi, then you shouldn’t do it more than once a week. You can add small kiwi slices to your pet’s menu 2-3 times a week, supplementing them with other fruits and vegetables for a variety of healthy parrot nutrition.

Why Can’t I Feed Parrots More Kiwi?

Parrots will be healthy and strong if their diet is varied and includes a diversity of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and nuts. If you feed them too much kiwi, they may give up other vegetables and fruits, thereby upsetting the vitamin balance.

Another reason why you need to limit the number of kiwis is because they contain a lot of sugar. It is especially true for overripe fruits that parrots love so much. One medium-sized kiwi contains about two grams of sugar. In small parrots, this amount can cause indigestion and diarrhea.

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Kiwis will perfectly complement your parrot’s diet. After all, they contain many useful substances. However, you should control the amount and avoid giving them kiwis every day. Remember, a parrot’s balanced diet is the key to health and long life. Feed some kiwi to your parrot, and you will notice how much they love this sweet, sour taste!