Can Parrots Eat Carrot? 4 Yes and 1 No

Generally, most vegetables are useful for parrots. However, I still encourage you to check each specific food when introducing it.

When you are searching for the most outstanding nutritional value when choosing what type of food to give a bird, you’ll stumble upon many articles praising carrots and how useful they are.

Carrots are entirely safe for parrots to eat. Moreover, they are more beneficial than many other veggies in your kitchen. Therefore, carrots can become the ultimate healthy snack for your pet, considering their positive influence on vision, heart, skin, liver, and so on. 

Today, let’s take a better look at how exactly carrots benefit your bird, what kinds of carrots they like more, and how to serve it. 

And, before we start, remember that your bird is worth only the best – buy organic carrots or grown by reputable local farmers. 

Do Parrots Eat Carrot Top Greens? 

can parrots eat carrot

If you manage to find a whole carrot with soft leafy greens, feel free to feed the tops to your bird. And it’s even better to search for such whole carrots. 

The green part is a valuable source of minerals and vitamins. The main vitamins that bring the most positive effects are K and A, as well as potassium, manganese, and other antioxidants. Combined, they are highly beneficial for a parrot’s 

  • eyesight 
  • immune system 
  • bone health 
  • blood pressure 
  • nervous system 
  • stringer free radical defense system 

As you see, the benefits of carrot tops for parrots are immense. But, of course, you should make sure to wash them carefully as they touch the soil when growing. 

Although you may not be a fan of the herbal taste of the greens, your parrot will love the taste and smell. You can serve a few “leaves” with any type of parrot food. But always raw! 

Do Parrots Eat Raw Carrots? 

parrot food

Raw is the simplest way to feed your bird any vegetable. The same concerns carrots. You just peel off the dirty layer, wash it thoroughly, and voila – ready to consume. 

And that would be totally okay for parrots. In the wild, they eat everything raw anyway. Thus, carrots remain firm and crunchy; just the way parrots like. 

Plus, raw veggies contain more nutrients. We all know that cooking reduces those nutritional elements. 

Here are some of the most beneficial carrot elements besides the ones I’ve already mentioned above: 

  1. Fiber. Veggies are so helpful for birds partially due to the high contents of soluble fibers. Carrots also offer fiber in high amounts that are crucial for healthy digestion. It “feeds” the useful bacteria in your stomach and helps it function better. As a result, fiber lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol, preventing various health issues, mainly concerning heart health. 
  2. Beta carotene. Yes, we all have heard about how rich carrots are in beta carotene from numerous media sources. We know it’s useful for kids and adults alike. Now, you can add animals to the list. In our bodies, it’s converted into vitamin A, which improves the immune system, eyesight, growth, and development. The overall benefits shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Do Parrots Eat Boiled Carrot? 

If you have already read some of my articles, you know that I always prefer to feed my parrot raw veggies. Thermal cooking significantly reduces beneficial nutrients in all kinds of veggies, sometimes more than by half! The only exception is something too harsh for your bird to bite. If it has a sensitive beak, boiling or steaming can be done. 

Overall, there is nothing wrong with feeding your parrot boiled carrots. They still have useful elements and are not harmful. 

However, there is one case where I would strongly suggest boiling carrots. When your bird has issues with blood sugar levels, raw carrot will provide more sugars than acceptable. If you slice a carrot and boil it for a bit, you reduce its sugar content. So in your case, it’s preferable. However, also notice that the process also reduces the number of vitamin C contained. You can throw in a bit of broccoli or red pepper to replenish vit C. I’ve already written about the benefits of both; you can check the respective articles. 

Boiling also reduces the small amounts of falcarinol fatty acids that are better off! 

Do Parrots Drink Carrot Juice? 

Carrot juices contain the same nutrients as raw carrots! Provided that you buy pure carrot juice without additives or preservatives (or better make one at home), it can become an excellent supplement for your parrots. Sometimes, our pets don’t get enough nutrients from food alone. In this case, liquid nutrients are faster and easier to consume! 

Besides, carrot juice is super easy to make at home! 

Here’s a quick recipe of fresh juice that’s proved to be a hit among many parrots: 


  • two large carrots
  • half an apple (seeds removed)
  • ¼ inch ginger root 

Juice and blend the ingredients together! Voila! This is a quick and easy process. 

Some other tasty carrot-based juice options: 

  • carrots, spinach, kale, and parsley
  • carrots, turnip greens, beet greens, spinach 
  • carrots, celery, Swiss chard 

Carrots are great on their own. But if you add such beneficial ingredients as apples, celery, and different types of greens, you make a powerful vitamin booster! 

Can Parrots Eat Carrot Cake? 

do parrots eat carrots

Okay, this is the last point in my carrot guide. 

Unfortunately, unlike other types of carrots, a cake is as far away from a parrot’s diet as a spoonful of sugar. And that is because the cake literally contains several spoons of sugar! Yes, it’s not toxic for parrots, but the long-term exposure to processed sugars leads to disastrous consequences for the bird’s health! Plus, add all the fats and other not-so-useful ingredients in manufactured carrot cakes! 

It’s better to eat this delicious dessert yourself and buy a few healthy raw carrots for your pet. Believe me, the bird will be just as glad! 

And I hope you don’t experiment with any cakes from now on. 


In short, carrots are great in any form if you add no harmful ingredients to the dish. You can feed parrots raw, boiled, and juiced carrots. All of them are beneficial (but to a different extent). 

Carrots should become a constant in your bird’s diet. There’s no need to give it every single day, but buying carrots should be given often. 

Remember that it’s a great immune system booster! Thus, if your bird feels weak, remember to peel a carrot! It’s tasty and smells good, so your bird will be more cheerful. 

If you still have more questions about feeding parrots carrots, feel free to leave your comments below!