Can Parrots Eat Chocolate? Beware!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This is the magical product that can get under your skin with its smell alone. Everyone has a preference, but hardly anyone hates it. This is chocolate, the tastiest sweets of all! Most of the world that knows the taste of chocolate has a variety of recipes with it. Not to mention the pleasure of eating the regular chocolate bars. 

However, there is a small to the chocolate craze of ours – it can be dangerous for animals. Personally, I can’t say about all animals (I lack such extensive knowledge), but certain pets of ours can get sick from it! But what about parrots? Can they share your chocolate craze? Are they even allowed to try it? 

When it comes to chocolate, it’s a rule of thumb not to feed it to animals before you check with professionals. Unfortunately, parrots are not an exception. 

Unfortunately, parrots cannot eat chocolate. It’s dangerous food for them! Moreover, chocolate is even toxic for parrots. This is not a matter of simple indigestion; this is a matter of life and death, depending on how much a parrot consumes. Therefore, under no circumstances are you allowed to feed your parrot chocolate! 

But what to do if, for any reason, your parrot does eat chocolate? How to react? And what are the consequences? 

I’ll give you a detailed guide that answers all these questions to prepare you for any situation. 

can parrots eat chocolate

Can Parrots Eat Milk Chocolate? 

Absolutely not!

Milk chocolate is a taboo that you have to hide from your parrot. Sometimes, not feeding a bird intentionally is not enough. If you leave an open bar somewhere near the cage and your parrots find it while you are not looking, you are in trouble. Even the smallest amounts of milk chocolate are toxic for the bird due to its small size. 

Unfortunately, most people know only about the danger of milk chocolate for cats and dogs and think that’s all. But, no, parrots are at risk after even less chocolate than most other animals. And considering that ilk chocolate is not present in nature, parrots don’t have an acquired instinct to avoid it. 

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Can Parrots Eat Dark Chocolate? 

But if parrots can’t eat milk chocolate, can they enjoy the dark one? Those bars that are 100% pure? There is no milk and sugar! 


That is the final answer for any chocolate product. The danger lies in chocolate (cacao beans), not in milk and sugars. 

There is no difference whether it’s a sweet or a bitter candy; there is no difference for your parrot. The only benefit of dark chocolate before the milk one is its bitterness, which may prevent your bird from eating it. That’s all! 

Avoid It!

Can Parrots Eat White Chocolate? 

White chocolate has a different recipe; maybe it’s the one chocolate kind that is allowed? 

No, that’s not the case either!

Do not feed your parrot white chocolate. 

However, there is one significant benefit of this product that I cannot neglect – it’s less toxic than the previous two kinds! The main ingredient that is so toxic for animals, cocoa, is added less to white chocolate. And while this fact doesn’t mean that you can give it to the pet, if it accidentally consumes some white chocolate, the consequences are less grievous. 

You are even “luckier’ if the chocolate your parrot consumes contains no cocoa whatsoever! Yes, there are such varieties as well. However, lucky is written ironically as the bird still consumes more milk and sugar than allowed. And that is not a good sign in itself! 

As you can see, no type of chocolate is safe for parrots. Even the less dangerous of them is still not recommended to give!

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Why Is Chocolate Toxic for Parrots and Other Pets? 

can parrots eat chocolate

Cacao beans are the main enemy of pets! Unfortunately, these delicious beans for humans are deadly for your beloved parrot because of an alkaloid compound contained in them – theobromine. 

Thus it gets to all chocolate types. The sweeter varieties have less of it because the general mass is diluted with milk, sugar, and other additives. Dark chocolate is the most dangerous of all! With that in mind, all chocolate types are still too harmful to even consider giving a lick! 

All chocolate is taboo!

I’ve already described in detail the limits; let’s not get back to them, okay? 

Theobromine is somewhat similar to caffeine. People can digest it easily and even get some benefits from it, but pets only suffer. Parrots are the most susceptible of all because of their tiny size. Their bodies are not prepared for this compound and will suffer greatly if it’s consumed. 

How exactly? 

What Are the Danger of Parrots Eating Chocolate? 

can parrots eat chocolate

Remember that you always have to keep chocolate closed and hidden somewhere a parrot cannot get it. So if you stick to this rule, your bird is safe. 

However, sh** happens! For example, I’ve already written what to do if your parrot eats or inhales marijuana! Some weird situations can happen with pets. 

 You may find that your parrot was naughty and ate some sneakily. They are just little troublemakers sometimes! But are your actions in this situation? 

First of all, you should know the symptoms of this “sweet death” in case you don’t catch the bird in action but suspect something: 

  • vomiting
  • seizures
  • diarrhea

Let’s talk about death, alright? This is not a 100% result! You can save your bird. In most cases, the owner can help the bird, and it lives a happy life afterward. 

Let’s learn what to do if a parrot consumes chocolate! And you’ll act swiftly in case of an emergency.

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What to Do If Your Parrot Eats Chocolate?

The first rule – seek medical attention. 

If you have a vet, call them immediately or drive straight to the clinic. If you don’t have a vet or they are not available, google the address of the nearest veterinary clinic; you don’t have time to choose the best of the best. This rule is applicable even if your bird has only licked chocolate. In this case, though, there is no rush to get there asap. Instead, you should call your vet and make an appointment for that day. 

Anyway, you don’t need to wait for the symptoms. Make a call right away. When you see vomiting and seizures, it may be too late, especially for the latter. But do not give up! There is still a chance that swift medical care can help the bird! Vomiting can start very soon! 

How Veterinarians Treat Chocolate Toxicity? 

If you’d still like to know what methods vets use to treat poor birds, you should check with your vet. However, I’d like to refrain from providing too dangerous information to be used at home! 

Usually, treatment choice is determined by the severity of symptoms and the amount of chocolate consumed. You should discuss such details with your vet and also tell the time of consumption. 

How to Prevent Chocolate Toxicity?  

do parrots eat chocolate

What are the signs you can do to prevent chocolate toxicity? Prevention is the most critical action for any pet owner. 

  • Keep chocolate hidden from parrots (or any other pets you have at home.) Keep it sealed and, preferably, in a cupboard as a bird have sharp beaks that can tear through the wrapping paper. 
  • Do not eat it around your bird. First of all, your parrot will take an interest in what you are eating and would like to try it as well. Do not tempt either your bird or yourself. Make sure that the parrot doesn’t rip the piece out of your hand. At least cage the bird! 
  • Wash your hands! Why? After you eat chocolate, little bits can be stuck to your hand. And if your bird licks them, it may be in danger as well. Make sure you also clean chocolate from any places it may fall onto. Check anywhere that may be “contaminated.” It’s unlikely your parrot will find a hidden smear of chocolate somewhere, but just to check! 
  • Check food labels. You may be an unsuspecting victim of hidden chocolate! Check all food labels if you give your pet something out of a pack! And check them not only for chocolate but for any other harmful ingredients like caffeine, sugar, or salt as well. 

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Let’s repeat everything we’ve learned today! 

Milk Chocolate? NO.

Dark Chocolate? NO.

White Chocolate? NO; but it gives you more time to reach a vet.

What to do if your parrot eats chocolate? Rush to a vet immediately. Check for the time of consumption and symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures to submit this info to the doctor. 

Remember this crucial information if you want to keep your bird safe and healthy!