Can Eclectus Parrots Eat Walnuts Safely?

Parrots are big fans of nuts. This is the favorite of many birds. And I get why; they taste delicious for us people as well. Besides, nuts should be included in a parrot diet. However, there is a small catch; nuts are fatty and high in calories. Thus, you should be careful and makes them treats, not breakfast. Plus, you should research the particular type of nut; some of them are hazardous. In this article, let’s find out whether Eclectus parrots can eat walnuts.

Yes! Parrots can eat walnuts. We’ve discussed this product before! Moreover, they should eat walnuts but in moderation. They provide many health benefits but calories as well. You should include a small piece of walnuts no more than once a day. Your Eclectus would benefit from this treat in moderate amounts.

Parrots owners treat their pets with walnuts, but it’s important to keep to the safety measures and support a healthy diet.

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Are Walnuts Healthy for Eclectus?

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Overall, walnuts are a healthy treat for parrots. In the wild, they eat many nuts, and walnuts among them as well. These birds know the things that are safe to eat and what are dangerous.

However, there is a bit of a concern in the pet community. You see, walnuts are more susceptible to the fungi Aspergillus and A. parasiticus. They are dangerous because of their ability to produce carcinogenic compounds. As a result, the owners are worried about the cancer dangers of eating walnuts.

However, I’d like to alleviate your worries. Walnuts bought in specialized pet shops are inspected for chemicals and are entirely safe for your bird. Thus, pay attention to the products you buy. It should be of the highest quality and from a trusted producer. Yes, they are more expensive, but your Eclectus won’t eat more than 5 nuts per week. So, it’s an affordable investment into your parrot’s health. Plus, there is no need to feed them walnuts every day. In addition, you can switch between different types of nuts and seeds, thus reducing the overall cost. A great substitution is peanuts, for example.

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What Are Walnut Benefits for Parrots?

Nuts overall are a great source of beneficial elements and vitamins for animals. Walnuts are rich in macronutrients as well.

Among the elements most valued in walnuts are

  • manganese
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus

Plus, walnuts do contain a significant number of healthy fats. Thus, most of the calories from fats only work for the parrot’s advantage in a healthy diet. They work wonders for the healthy skin and feathers of the bird. Your Eclectus will shine with newfound brightness after eating nut fats regularly but in moderation. Plus, these healthy fats also give your bird plenty of energy to stay playful during the day and develop its cognitive functions by socializing.

Note that Eclectus parrots need fewer nuts than the bigger types of parrots. If you’ve had a macaw before, adjust the portions you are used to.

Can Parrots Eat Walnuts? Is It a Healthy Choice?

Can Eclectus Eat Walnut Shells?

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Yes, yes, yes! This is the optimal way to feel your parrot walnuts. In the shell! This way, the bird gets not only a tasty treat but also a means of entertainment. Have you ever seen the cute way birds get their nuts from shells? If yes, you know that this will be entertainment for you as well.

Eclectuses take a shelled walnut as a logical puzzle that they have to solve in order to get the treat. They love foraging for food! Plus, the shell is entirely safe for birds. Your parrot won’t eat it; just try to take the nut out.

Thus, I always suggest promoting foraging in house parrots.

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What Walnuts Can Eclectus Parrots Eat?

If you didn’t know, walnuts have types among the family.

Usually, you can find only three types on a regular market:

  • the Persian walnut
  • the English walnut
  • the black walnut

The biggest difference among them (when judging from a parrot owner’s perspective) is the type of shell they have. Among the three, black walnuts have the hardest shell. So, unfortunately, your parrot will have a hard time getting the nut out, even considering Eclectus’s solid beak.

English walnuts have the softest shell. Though it’ll be easy for the bird to get the nut out, it’ll have a fun time overcoming the obstacle anyway. The Persian walnut is somewhere in between in shell hardness.

Plus, note that small shelled walnuts will be easier to get out than the big nuts.

However, there is one thing you can do in advance – wash the walnuts. Be sure to clean them properly from any chemicals that can reside on the shells. This is all you have to do.

I can give you two “recipes” if you want some experiments.

First, try roasting them on low heat. They will become crunchier, and your parrot will like them more.

Second, soak them for a couple of hours and dry them again to reduce the bitterness. However, knowing parrots, they like the raw anyway. So no additional manipulations are needed.

How Often to Feed Eclectus Parrots Walnuts?

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As I’ve mentioned, walnuts should be considered a treat and thus given in moderation. Otherwise, it may lead to obesity and related health issues.

In general, it is recommended to give one walnut every other day. If your bird has a healthy weight, the maximum is one per day. However, I’d recommend the first option and enrich your pet’s diet with other nuts or seeds on the alternative days.

Plus, if your diet includes seeds and other walnuts anyways, drastically reduce the amount. Overall, I’m not a big fan of a simple diet. I prefer to enrich my parrots’ diet with plenty of different products with one simple rule – introducing them one by one and giving plenty f time to adapt and observe how the bird reacts to certain foods!

As you see, walnuts are completely safe for Eclectus parrots if you buy them from trusted vendors and provide in moderation. With all safety precautions, walnuts will become one of the best treats your bird will love.