Can Parrots Eat French Fries? Healthy Ways to Cook It for Your Bird

When it comes to delicious food, our pets can be very persuasive. And even if you understand that your bird is not allowed to eat a certain snack, you can easily give up under the pressure of their charm. All pets can manipulate us, and I think this is familiar to you too, isn’t it?

Therefore, I advise you not to eat junk food next to your pet because there are things that are not toxic to humans but dangerous to parrots. What food is considered dangerous for birds? Does this apply to french fries? Can fries be given to parrots without risking their health?

There is no single answer to this question. Under certain circumstances, I can answer yes, and sometimes it is definitely not. In general, you shouldn’t feed your parrot with french fries, but the answer may change depending on how you prepare the snack. An occasional snack from your plate will not hurt your bird. However, regular consumption of fries can cause health problems. In addition, there are types of french fries and cooking methods that will do more or less harm to your parrot. So what’s the point?

In this article, we will consider all the questions that relate to feeding parrots with fries. I will tell you how to prepare this snack without harming your bird and whether it is safe at all.

So, is it okay to feed your bird with raw french fries? Will deep-fried fries harm the bird? What about fast food? Can your parrot eat store fries? Can you feed your parrot with sweet fries? Are potato chips safe for your bird? You will find all the detailed answers in this article. Keep reading to find out more!

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Can You Feed Your Parrot with Raw French Fries?

When looking for an answer to this question on the Internet, you can find many different tips. However, not all of them are correct. Sometimes people write that they are feeding their parrots with raw fries, but this is a big mistake. It would seem that raw potatoes are less dangerous for parrots than the fried version, but this is not correct.

Raw potatoes contain a huge amount of starch, which is broken down during heat treatment. And in raw potatoes, the amount of starch remains unbroken. Birds are unable to completely digest starch because this is how their digestive system works. When parrots eat starchy food, excess starch settles in the intestines and ferments there, causing discomfort and provoking various diseases in birds.

But you might ask, do parrots eat raw potatoes in the wild? Yes, of course, birds eat anything that seems edible to them, including raw potatoes. However, they do it out of hunger and in order to survive without understanding the health consequences. And often, eating inappropriate food causes severe health problems in wild parrots.

However, our pets have caring owners who can regulate their diets so that it is as useful and safe for the health of our darlings as possible. Will raw potatoes harm your parrot? If the bird tries it once, then nothing terrible will probably happen. Indigestion can occur, but not in all parrots. 

However, you shouldn’t add raw potatoes to your parrot’s menu regularly. An excess of starch can lead to many different diseases of the parrot’s digestive system.

Can a Parrot Eat Cooked French Fries?

In this case, it all depends on how you prepare this snack. If these are the classic french fries that we usually cook in a fryer with a lot of oil, then the answer is definitely no. Fatty foods high in salt are very harmful to your bird. Think, if it harms even people, then what danger this combination poses to the body of birds that are not adapted to digest such food.

We have already told you that food with high salt and fat content leads to various diseases in birds. Most often, it is dehydration, obesity, various digestive disorders, kidney failure, and sometimes even death. Therefore, you should limit your parrot in the use of salty and fatty foods.

However, if your parrot really wants to try the fries, you can use the oven. Take raw potatoes and place them in the oven without any other ingredients. Do not salt or oil it. Avoid any spices.

This way, you get delicious french fries that are much healthier even for humans, not to mention parrots. However, you should keep in mind that even french fries cooked this way are a very nutritious snack, so you should limit the amount for your bird.

What are the Health Benefits of French Fries for Parrots?

Often people think potatoes are not the healthiest food, but this is a popular misconception. It’s all about how to cook potatoes and fries in particular. If cooking without a lot of salt, oil, and spices, this vegetable will be very beneficial for the health of your bird. Let’s take a closer look at its benefits. So, here are the beneficial substances that potatoes contain.


As we have said, protein is very beneficial for your parrot as it is the basis for building tissue and muscle in your bird. And potatoes are an excellent source of vegetable protein. Lack of protein in your parrot’s menu can lead to disruptions in various organs, poor coordination, and even an inability to fly.


Potassium, which is abundant in potatoes, assists in the absorption of carbohydrates and ensures the proper growth of the bird. A lack of potassium can lead to various disorders, from kidney problems to poor growth.

Vitamin B6

Potatoes are high in vitamin B6, which helps parrots break down and absorb protein. Lack of this vitamin leads to impaired growth of the bird and possible loss of appetite.

Vitamin C

Potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C for parrots. This vitamin helps them maintain a healthy immune system, fight infections, and boost energy. It also protects the parrot from cataracts, promotes good kidney function, and helps flush out heavy metals from the bird’s lymphatic system.

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Can a Parrot Eat Fast Food French Fries?

Are you thinking of grabbing some fries from a nearby fast food and wondering if you can share the snack with your parrot? The answer is no. You can’t. All fast-food chains fry potatoes in a huge amount of oil. Moreover, these potatoes are deep-fried.

We have already figured out that you should not give your parrot even the potatoes that you fried in oil at home, not to mention fast food. These french fries contain a huge amount of oil, trans fat, and salt. 

And while one bite of these fries will most likely not harm your parrot, even one such snack can cause digestive upset in your bird. And regular consumption of fast food fries will definitely damage your pet’s health. Overeating trans fats can cause an eating disorder, severe digestive problems, kidney dysfunction, obesity, and even depression in parrots.

Can a Parrot Eat Store-bought French Fries?

While you can often buy french fries in the store, and they are not usually harmful, I still don’t recommend feeding them to your parrot. Although they may have less fat than fast food fries, they do contain various additives.

Unlike fast-food fries, which are fried in a lot of fat and stay fresh for a couple of hours, store fries last much longer. It is because manufacturers treat these potatoes with preservatives to increase shelf life. Such substances are not very useful even for people, and they can bring real harm to our little pets.

You should always choose only fresh and natural foods to feed your parrot. Give preference to fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, and do not feed your parrot with processed food.

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Can Your Parrot Eat Sweet Potato Fries?

The same rules apply here as with regular potatoes. If you cook sweet potatoes in the oven at home without adding salt or oil, then yes. This snack will be beneficial for your parrot. Overall, sweet potatoes are even healthier for parrots than regular fries.

Sweet potatoes contain many nutrients beneficial for your parrot, such as calcium, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin A, potassium, beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes are superior to potatoes in fiber, iron, and calcium content. They have a lower glycemic index than french fries, so they are healthier for your bird. Ripe sweet potato tubers contain less starch (up to 30%) but more glucose, mineral salts, and provitamins. The ones with yellow, orange and red flesh are especially rich in carotene and vitamins.

Sweet potatoes have a variety of health benefits. In short, it helps the digestion of parrots, reduces inflammation in birds, including inflammatory processes in the brain and nervous tissue. They normalize metabolism and help parrots maintain a healthy weight while avoiding weight gain or weight loss.

To summarize, I can say those sweet potatoes will be a healthier alternative to fries for both parrots and their owners. Choose healthy ways to cook sweet fries and get all the benefits!

Alternatives to French Fries for Your Parrot

There are certainly healthier snacks that you can give your bird. Of course, you can sometimes give them healthy fries and sweet fries if you cook them without oil and salt. However, if you want to give your bird all the benefits of potatoes, you have healthier options.

Try other ways to cook potatoes – bake them, make mashed potatoes, or boil them in slices (again without salt). Believe me, your parrot will like these options just as much and will get all the health benefits of potatoes.

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Can You Feed Your Parrot with Potato Chips?

Here the answer will be unequivocal – in no case. Potato chips are a category of snacks that should never be given to your parrot. They will not do your bird any good, but the spices, salt, sugar, trans fats, and preservatives in the composition will be very harmful to your pet.

Like store-bought fries, potato chips contain a lot of preservatives that can prolong their shelf life. Such substances are not beneficial for birds, and there is no research to deny this.

Your parrot can only eat potato chips if you cook them yourself, in the oven, and without any additives, especially salt. Do this the same way you would for homemade fries. Just slice it thinner and bake it faster. Yes, only baking is suitable for parrots because frying in a large amount of oil is harmful to birds.


To summarize, I can say that your parrot can only eat French fries and potato chips if you cook them yourself without adding salt, spices, and oil. Do not allow your bird to eat fries if you buy them in a store, fast food, or cook them at home in oil.

The various additives in french fries that you buy ready-made can harm your pet. At the same time, using potatoes without any additives will allow your bird to get all the health benefits of vegetables. And if you want even more health benefits, use sweet potatoes instead of regular ones.