Can Parrots Eat Goji Berries Safely? Look At These Benefits

Goji berries have been known to people for ages. Animals have been eating even longer. They don’t need to read about how helpful goji berries are for them. They follow their instinct. And while many animals do eat goji berries, it’s essential to check still whether your particular pet can eat certain foods. So the only question remains – can parrots eat goji berries.

Parrots can and love eating goji berries. In addition to a great taste, they bring your bird a wide range of health benefits by providing a whole list of vitamins (including several B vitamins, C, and E) and elements like protein, amino acids, and minerals.

All in all, goji berries can become a healthy snack for your parrot. Let’s discuss how to introduce them to the bird’s diet and what health benefits you can expect.

Goji Benefits for Parrots

goji berries benefits

So, what are the benefits of goji berries for parrots? Does their popularity among people translate to the bird as well? Let’s see what positive effects you can expect when including these berries in your parrot’s diet.

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First and foremost, the most significant benefit of goji berries is the high content of antioxidants. The berries are full of different types of antioxidants, but the most effective of them is called zeaxanthin. Its effects include invaluable protection against harmful radicals, including chemicals, smoke, UV lights, free radicals, etc. In modern cities, such protection is a must not only for people but also for their pets.

Plus, all antioxidants have a positive effect on your skin and eyes. For parrots, skin health is closely connected to their feathers, which should be healthy and strong at all times.
As for the eyes, parrots often suffer from yellow deposits in them. Goji berries can delay or reduce it as well.


Speaking of eyes…Beta-carotene is one of the most useful naturally-occurring components for eyesight and skin health. However, this phytochemical is less frequent in fruit and vegetables than many other vitamins and minerals. Thus, packing on it from tasty goji berries will be beneficial for your parrot!

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Blood Sugar Regulation

Goji berries seem to work magic for your blood sugar levels! They help manage them and control the current issues your parrot may have.
The berries balance glucose and insulin levels as well. So if your parrot has issues with sugar tolerance, adding goji to its diet would be a wise choice as they recover cells that release insulin.

Liver Protection

Granted, goji berries won’t repair an already damaged liver, but they can effectively protect it from further damage. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of goji berries components for the health of animal liver!
If you treat your bird from liver-related issues, I’d consult a veterinarian first. Just to be sure that they won’t be harmful in your particular case.


If you are keeping a parrot with the hope of getting tiny chicks from it, I’d give goji berries to the male foremost and offer some for the female bird. Why not the other way around? Because goji increase the quality and quantity of sperm and helps in boosting testosterone levels. It’s not essential for the female (though she’ll benefit from the general health boost), but male birds need this kind of natural help.

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Energy and Mood Boost

Goji berries work wonders for improving your energy levels. That is why you can see them so often added to “energizing drinks.” Of course, parrots will benefit from a natural energy boost as well. Just try to give them plenty of space and toys to release that energy.
Depression is severe among house pets as well, unfortunately. So if your parrot seems moody and has gone through some traumatic events lately, you need to provide the utmost care. Goji berries will help you boost your mood and give a dose of good vibes.

Immunity Boost

All these previous components I’ve mentioned each effect a specific aspect of your health. Combined, we get a massive immunity that comes from the variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and chemicals working together. In addition, reduced inflammation that is also the result of high antioxidant contents plays a significant role.

Combine them with vitamins C and A (the usual mixture for berries), and you get an immune system that will eliminate any parrot flue from afar!

Do You Need to Cook Goji Berries for Parrots?

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Generally, you don’t need to cook any berries for your bird. However, there are certain types where you’ll need to remove the pits (check my article on feeding parrots cherries).

When it comes to Goji, you can give them in any form! Usually, they are sold dried in store. You can also find goji juice. However, make sure that it’s 100% natural juice with no additives.
If you visit a farmers market, you can find fresh berries and serve them in any form, even as a stew. (But make sure it’s not hot before giving it to your bird.)

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Always make sure that you buy organic berries from a trusted vendor! If there’s no local producer, I’d advise searching for frozen berries in your supermarket. They preserve their vitamins and mineral but can be safely stored during transportation. If you live in a warm and humid climate, you can even try growing them in your garden!

Do Goji Berries Have Negative Effects?

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As with any food, even the most beneficial product can be harmful if you go overboard. I constantly repeat – moderation is the key! Yes, goji is useful, but too many can be harmful.
Here are several issues that may arise.

Low Blood Sugar

Goji berries n moderation regulate your bird’s blood sugar level. But when you go overboard, you risk lowering it too low. No research has shown evidence of hypoglycemia as a result of goji among animals yet, but you shouldn’t risk your pet’s health.


This is a hazard with anything. Your bird may be naturally allergic to goji (though they are not considered a potent allergen per se), but overfeeding can lead to that! And the allergy can be severe in this case – leading to anaphylaxis. It’s believed to be caused by the lipid transmission of protein in berries.

Anal Leakage

Sounds horrifying, I know. At least it’ll be non-bloody diarrhea. But what can be the reason? First, they may be contaminated, but then, even a few can harm the bird. There are some studies that dwell on the berries’ ability to modulate genes, but we need more studies on the topic.

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Are Goji Berries Superfood?

Yes. Goji berries are considered a superfood among people. Considering that they are just as useful for birds, we can certainly say that they are a parrot superfood as well. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial chemicals. Thus, your bird will get a potent immunity boost while simply enjoying their delicate taste.
If you are looking for a new type of berries to introduce into your pet’s diet, goji berries can become the perfect option for you. I’m sure your parrot will like its taste, and you’ll like the effects it has on your parrot. Overall, this is one of the most effective superfoods!