Are Parrots and Toucans Related?

Sometimes people wonder how connected they are with other people. In the same way, you may wonder if different types of animals and birds are related. However, what do we mean by “related”? Is it about how monkeys and humans are related or how relatives are related? For example, are parrots and toucans related?

Yes, to some extent, we can say that parrots and toucans are related. In short, parrots are an order of birds, and toucans are a family of birds. However, both are closely related to passerines, which make up half of all birds. Therefore, all birds belonging to the passerines category can be considered related.

If you think that parrots and toucans are related because of their bright colors, then I can say that generally, you are right. If we discuss this issue, then we can say that all birds have the same ancestors. Therefore all species of birds can be considered related. However, on the other hand, the last common ancestor of these bird species existed over 90 million years ago.

Now parrots and toucans are a bit related, and they have many differences, although there are some similarities. Let’s take a closer look at all the details.

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Similarities between Parrots and Toucans

All the similarities that exist between parrots and toucans are due to convergent evolution. It means that these species may have some similarities due to their common living environment and developmental conditions. In the case of parrots and toucans, these species have lived in the jungle for millions of years, which has contributed to their similar characteristics.

In addition to their common habitat, these two species have a very bright color of feathers, which is also their common feature. Parrots and toucans can also fly for quite a long time. The breeding method of these species is also similar, with males looking for a female to mate and lay eggs.

Parrots and toucans have another similarity. Both of these species are very popular as pets around the world and are often even kept together.

Differences between Parrots and Toucans

So, we have found out that parrots and toucans have some things in common. However, they still have several differences in behavior and habits.

First, the two species differ in mating habits. Male parrots look after the female, protecting them while they eat and sleep. Males find food for females and protect them from other male parrots. Toucans usually attract the female using brightly colored fruits. They flip fruits into the air and catch them with their beaks. It is a very funny way of flirting, isn’t it?

Another difference between parrots and toucans is their flying habits. And, although both species can fly for quite a long time and distance, toucans do it less often than parrots. Toucans are probably lazier, but there is no exact data on this yet.

However, the most significant differences between parrots and toucans relate to their keeping as pets. Parrot pets need less care than toucans, and things are much easier with them. On the other hand, toucans need a lot of space, a huge cage, and special watery food that is difficult to clean up after eating.

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Do Parrots and Toucans Get Along?

I can say yes, often parrots and toucans get along well together. However, this answer depends on the nature and habits of the particular birds. It also depends on whether the birds have had contact with other birds of their own or of a different species. From the article on parrots and mirrors, you already know that some parrots can react aggressively to other birds and try to fight them.

The same thing is about toucans. Some birds get along well, and some can be aggressive towards other pets. Also, you should remember that toucans can be aggressive towards chicks of other birds, so keeping a large toucan and a small parrot together is a bad idea. Toucans can love to fight and defend their dominant position, so when buying a toucan, check how it has behaved with other birds earlier.

But in general, toucans can be playful, sociable, and friendly, just like parrots. So examine the character of each pet, and you will get a great parrot and toucan company.

Do Parrots and Toucans Live In the Same Areas?

Yes, parrots and toucans share the same habitat, and that is the tropics. It is what determines their main similarities. These birds love rainforests, and about a third of all birds live in the tropics. However, the largest populations of parrots and toucans live in the Amazon rainforest.

However, parrots inhabit more territory than toucans. Various types of parrots live in Central and South America, Australia, South and Southeast Asia, and Africa. Toucans have smaller areas of habitat because they live only in Central and South America.

There are only 40 species of toucans and more than 350 species of parrots globally. Still, many species of parrots are dying out. Some rare species of parrots have only 100 birds.

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What’s the Average Size of a Parrot and Toucan?

While comparing parrots and toucans, let’s talk about their average sizes.

The largest parrot is the hyacinth macaw. It weighs about 3 pounds and is 3.3 feet long. It is larger than the largest toucan, the toco toucan, which has 2 feet long, and weighs 1.4 pounds. Thus, large parrots are bigger than the largest toucans.

The smallest toucan is the red-breasted toucan. It is about 45 centimeters long and weighs about 12 ounces. At the same time, the tiniest parrot is the buff-faced pygmy parrot. It is about 3.4 inches long and weighs just half an ounce.

So, we can conclude that toucans are large birds, but all species are approximately the same size. At the same time, parrot species range from the tiniest to very large birds.


So, are parrots and toucans related? In general, we can conclude that yes, these two types are connected by similar qualities. They live in the same habitat, which influences the formation of related habits and behavior in birds. Furthermore, these two species of birds have the same ancestors, so it is possible to say that they are related.

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However, parrots and toucans have some differences in size, habits, mating, and flight. Parrots are better suited for the role of pets because toucans require special care. However, if you want to keep parrots and toucans together, they can make great company. The most important rule is to make sure that these birds do not have aggression towards each other.