Do Parrots Attract Mice? Is There Any Danger?

Rumor has it that parrots can attract mice and many parrot owners are concerned about this issue. Can mice harm your parrot? Do parrots really attract mice?

No, parrots themselves do not attract mice. However, the answer is not so simple, as mice can be attracted to food leftovers, seeds, and mess in your pet’s cage. So you don’t have to worry about mice if you keep your parrot’s cage tidy and clean up the mess on time.

Let’s take a closer look at everything about mice and parrots. I will tell you what you should do to avoid the appearance of mice in your cages with parrots. Let’s figure it out together!

What Attracts Mice to Bird Cages?

Mice are omnivores that can eat whatever is available to them. However, mice are very fond of seeds, nuts, and grains and prefer them to other foods. But as you know, grains, nuts, and seeds are also parrots’ favorite food. Therefore, many parrot owners are concerned about the appearance of mice near the cages with parrots.

Your parrot’s cage contains water and food leftovers that attract mice. If your parrot constantly has fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, bowls of various food, and pellets in the cage, this will be very interesting for mice.

Also, the cage itself can attract mice as a cozy home. If your parrot’s cage is outside in a warm, dry, and dark place, mice may become interested in it. Consider these details when choosing a home for your pet bird.

Are Mice a Problem to Parrots?

Mice are a threat to parrots for many reasons. Firstly, mice are carriers of many infections, bacteria, and viruses, which are very dangerous for parrots. They can infect other animals through droppings, urine, or food leftovers.

Also, mice usually have ticks and fleas that can infect your parrot. Moreover, mice can leave it in your house, and it will be dangerous for you too. Mice can be dangerous to parrots also because they can destroy nests, eat eggs and small chicks.

Also, rodents can destroy the cage, chew down the containers, drinkers, and toys of your pet. They can eat all your parrot’s food, and your bird can stay hungry. Therefore, I recommend that you control your pet’s food intake if you are worried about mice.

How Do I Know If Mice Have Infested My Parrot Cage?

By far, the easiest way to find out if mice are visiting your parrot is to see them. If, while visiting your pet’s home, you notice a mouse running away, this means that they are regular guests here.

You can also be attentive and see the traces of mice. They are very different, and you may notice tooth marks on perches, walls, parrot cages, or food containers. You can also find mouse droppings in a cage or along walls in dark places. You can easily distinguish mouse droppings from parrot droppings as they look like little black lumps. Also, signs of the presence of mice can be the smell of ammonia, bits of newspaper, or a sudden noise in the cage at night when the mice visit parrots to find food.

What Should I Do If I Have Mice Problems in My Parrot Cage?

If you know for sure that mice are visiting your parrot’s cage, there are several steps you can take to get rid of such harmful neighbors. The first step is to clean the cage of all traces of the parrot’s food – husks, seeds, pieces of fruits and vegetables, water. Use a disinfectant to thoroughly clean all items in the cage and the entire cage itself. Choose only safe disinfectants so as not to harm your pet.

After thoroughly cleaning the cage, you need to get rid of the mice themselves in your territory. Try using mouse traps, as this is the easiest and most popular method of clearing an area of ​​mice. You can use different types of mousetraps – some allow you to catch and release the mouse, and some kill them. However, in no case place the mousetrap where your parrot can get into it because you can accidentally harm your pet.

You can also use various poisonous substances, which come in a paste, granule, or powder. Be very careful using it and follow all safety precautions. Place poisonous substances out of reach of your family members, parrots, or other pets.

There is another way to get rid of mice on your territory. You can use the services of a rodent exterminator specialist. Get a phone consultation or invite a specialist to your home if the problem becomes too serious and threatens your house.

I do not recommend that you use cats to fight mice because cats can also hunt your parrot. However, you can use a cat litter with urine to place it where mice might be. Thus, mice will be afraid to come to this place with a cat smell.

How Can I Prevent Mice from Invading My Parrot Cage?

When you get rid of all the rodents on your territory, you should take measures so that they do not visit you again. The easiest way to protect your parrot from mice visits is to keep the parrot’s cage and pet areas completely clean. Clean the cage and feeding areas of the parrot, remove the pieces of vegetables and fruits, husks, seeds, and water. If you have cause for concern, it is best not to leave food and water in the cage overnight.

You can also put parrot food containers in other places where mice cannot reach them. However, remember that mice are great at climbing wood, mesh and other surfaces, so choose inaccessible places. If your parrot’s cage is small, you can simply attach it higher up, where the rodents cannot reach it.

Close all containers of parrot food tightly to prevent rodents from getting inside. A bucket with a lid is a great solution for storing large quantities of pellets or containers of parrot food.

Often, mice enter a parrot’s cage through holes in the cage’s walls or through the cage’s floor. Close the largest openings near the cage doors, under the roof and at the bottom, and in any places where mice can get inside the cage. You can use a sheet of smooth metal to protect the bottom of the cage and prevent the mice from climbing up. Do not place the cage on the floor or on the ground to prevent mice from climbing inside.

Can a Parrot Eat Mice?

Yes, some parrots can eat small animals, and in the wild, they often eat small rodents or snakes. It applies to large parrots and meat-eating parrots such as the New Zealand Kea. In general, all parrots are omnivorous, but not all species like meat.

Can a Mouse Eat a Parrot?

Mice can feed on carrion and small animals. However, they do not hunt other animals and birds, especially such large ones as parrots. However, mice destroy birds’ nests, and they can eat eggs or small chicks. Also, rodents can attack a parrot if they get in a cage.


As you can see, parrots do not attract mice, but mice love to visit places that have leftovers of parrots’ food. Therefore, carefully clean the cage and feeding areas of your pet and watch out for the presence of mice on your territory. Mice can infect a parrot with various diseases, steal food or destroy nests. Therefore, take care of the safety of your pet carefully.