Is Rainbow Lorikeet a Great Pet for You?

Rainbow lorikeets are among the most colorful parrot types. You just take one look at this beauty, instantly fall in love. If you are looking for a pet at the moment, it’s impossible to resist this colorful bird. First, however, let’s talk a bit more about rainbow lorikeets as house pets and whether they are a suitable option for you.

Overall, yes, rainbow lorikeets make good pets for most families. They are medium-sized and don’t require huge cages, which is an essential benefit on its own. However, they better feel and behave when kept in couples. So, you’ll still need quite a large cage if you want to buy a couple of them. They are beautiful, social, and quite intelligent. Although their vocabulary capacity is not as great as some bigger types of parrots, you can teach them your favorite tunes and simple phrases.

Rainbow lorikeets are so colorful that they have long become the most popular choice for pet “adoption” lorikeets. However, if you would like to take one (or several birds) to your home as well, you should know the basics of their diet, health, and needs. As soon as you take in an animal, you become fully responsible for it. Thus, learn to be a good owner before taking this responsibility.

Do Rainbow Lorikeets Need a Big Cage?

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If you buy a pair of lorikeets, yes, they will need a big cage. This is because the birds need to not only feel comfortable stretching their wings, but they’ll also play around jumping from the bars and around each other.

Plus, lorikeets like dancing when they hear music. So, your calculations should be the following: 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide per bird. Then, depending on how many lorikeets you buy, multiply accordingly.

All in all, it may turn out to be a vast aviary if you want to take in several birds. Of course, many manufacturers and vendors work with custom orders and can make any size (plus features) you require. But that will be a costly affair.

As you see, rainbow lorikeets are not suitable for the tiniest apartments where there is a hardy enough place for your stuff, not to mention a spacious birdcage.

Note that lorikeets are territorial birds. Sometimes, they can fight with their roommates if they are crammed into a tiny cage. It’s also better to opt for two females.

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Does a Rainbow Lorikeet Require Much of Your Time?

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Yes, especially when living without fellow birds. Rainbow lorikeets are social birds. They require lots of social time and interactions with other pets or their owner. To be loved by this bird, you have to provide lots of care and effort.

They are indeed more demanding than some other medium-sized parrots and most of the small-sized ones.

You should be sure to take them out of their cage regularly. On average, three to four hours of outside time is required daily. There is no need to play with the bird this whole time. You can buy several stimulating parrot toys for them to entertain themselves. But they still require your supervision! Do not leave them alone outside the cage.

Lorikeet, just like many other parrot types, requires regular mental stimulation. If not, they become depressed and aggressive. They can even start feather tweezing if constantly bored. So, they require regular care from the health point of view, not only for bonding.
Don’t forget speech training. Lorikeets might not be the best talker among birds, but they surely can learn quite an impressive vocabulary for parrots.

In addition, lorikeets are quite troublemakers with their chewing habits. They are curious birds, and, just like kids, chewing everything is the best way to inspect things for them. So, you should buy a few dedicated toys meant for chewing. YOu can find the specialized toys specifically for this purpose.

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How to take Care of Rainbow Lorikeets?

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Consider its noisy habits. Lorikeets are active and social birds who like to whistle and chirp a lot nonstop. If you are prepared to teach the bird your favorite tunes to make it a pleasant background noize, you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you like a calm and silent atmosphere at your home, a parrot is probably not the best type of pet for you, especially this lorikeet.
If you want to buy specifically a male or a female bird, you’ll have to consult the specialist. There is no visible difference in the lorikeet’s coloring.

Remember to hand-feed your bird to get it used to the touch and your presence. It can become somewhat wild if neglected for long. In time, you’ll form a warm bond with the bird and it will become your best cuddle buddy. But you need to introduce human touch slowly.
Rainbow Lorikeets are highly social and will be great pets for families with kids. They’ll bond well. However, be careful if you have other pets at home – the bird can get territorial.

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Overall, Lorikeets require some expertis8e from the owner. Thus, this is not the best first-time parrot. You better start with a bird that is not as demanding. Though, if you’ve already fallen in love with this rainbow beauty, just be ready to study parrot care extensively, pay it lots of attention, and keep vet visits regular.