Are Lovebirds Cheap? How Much for a Parrot?

The lockdown is a hard time for us all. With Covid waves coming and going, making sure that you have an extra piece of precious love at home will help your mental health significantly. They’ll become your loyal friend, someone to “chat” with when you feel like Robinson Crusoe at home. They are great pets that will bring you happiness. 

Although, when it comes to adopting a pet, you have to make sure that you can offer it proper care. Financial issues have to be reviewed beforehand. 

Price-wise, a lovebird is an affordable pet. A couple will cost you anywhere from $40 to $130, depending on their age and breeder. They are among the most affordable parrots overall. However, there are specific rare sub-types of lovebirds that will cost you more. In addition, expect extra costs that cover a cage, food, vet appointments, and a few toys. 

Now that I have informed you of the initial price tag for a couple of lovebirds let’s discuss the overall budget you’ll need. First, I’ll cover all those additional expenses I’ve mentioned. 

Is Lovebird Vet Expensive? 

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A vet appointment for your lovebirds will be covered by the standard veterinarian prices. Usually, they ask for around $50 to $200 for a check-up and treatment, depending on what procedures you need. However, you’ll probably have a couple of parrots (they are lovebirds, after all, and should continue to be romanticized). Thus, double the cost. 

I’ve mentioned in the previous article on How Much a Cockatoo costs, the prices largely depend on your city and the clinic you choose. I always suggest picking a vet before buying a bird! 

In addition to regular check-ups, you’ll need treatment sooner or later as parrots are pretty sensitive and often have problems with health. A healthy lifestyle and proper care will minimize the issues, but you still have to be on the lookout for common parrot issues, including: 

  • feather disease
  • yeast
  • mites and parasites
  • bacterial and viral infections
  • intestinal influenza
  • Polyomavirus
  • diabetes
  • heart and liver disease

This is only the initial list. Pay close attention to our bird as you may face something unexpected. Weight maintenance should be among your priorities. Be sure to buy proper food for your lovebirds and call a vet if anything suspicious occurs. 

Speaking of food…

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Is Lovebirds’ Food Expensive? 

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The answer is no! Just as any other parrot, a lovebird has a cheap diet, especially when compared to cats or dogs. Many products are already on your table – fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. You can also buy parrot food packs in a shop that come with added minerals and vitamins. But a small $10-$15 bag will last you a long time. Overall, such a sum should be enough for a week, taking into account all food expenses. 

Besides, just consider how small these birds are! They don’t eat much anyway. And be sure not to overfeed them!

I also suggest you do a small research about your house plants. They may be toxic to animals, and birds love to check anything they can reach! Take care of the parrots’ health! 

Are Lovebirds’ Toys Expensive? 

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Lovebirds are playful and active birds. And even when they are in pairs, they’ll need some toys as a distraction and an outlet for their energy. Parrot toys come in all forms and kinds and are generally not expensive. However, they’ll need regular replacement as birds chew and throw them away. Overall, you’ll have to spend around $30 a month if you buy them at more expensive stores. Though, if you look online, you can find them two times cheaper. However, be sure to check whether they are safe for your parrots. 

Good toys ideas that are always popular among my parrots: 

  • ladders
  • blocks
  • chewing toys
  • knots
  • baskets 

You can find lots and lots of them on amazon. Order a few kinds to check what your parrots prefer! 

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How Much Does the Cage Cost? 

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Overall, the cage is something that you can spend more money on than the rest of the accessories. After all, it’ll stay with your bird for years and has to be super comfy. You’d want your home to be the best as well, right? So, do not buy the cheapest uncomfy cage for your lovebird either! 

Yes, a lovebird is a small parrot, but if you buy a couple, be ready to host both in a cage big enough for two birds. I’m sure they’ll bond, and you’ll spend hours observing their lovely chit-chat or how cute they cuddle together! 

I’d say you should spare around $200 for a cage. That is a realistic price for many places, but some countries are cheaper (as I don’t really know where you are from, reader!). 

Also, order a cage beforehand. The pet shop may not have suitable options for you. Besides, you may find something cheaper for the same quality! 

To make your bird comfy, also add a few accessories such as hanging ropes, swings, a toy mirror! 

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Also, a small detail that you may forget at first, cleaning supplies! For this category, I’ll devote around $10; it should be more than enough. Be sure to clean the cage regularly, not only in your room where the birds throw away something. A clean cage reduces the risk of illnesses! 

Overall, these are the basic expenses that come with buying lovebirds. Some of them will cost you less than expected, like toys that may be actually sturdy enough to withstand your parrots. Some may require more – that will probably be a veterinarian. You never know what might happen. 

Overall, lovebirds are a cheap pet to have! They will bring you much joy and happiness for reasonable maintenance costs, even compared to other parrot types.