How Long Do Eclectus Parrots Live? Simple Ways to Prolong Their Life

One significant advantage of parrots before most other pets is their lifespan. Cats and dogs rarely live past 15 years; 20 is already super old. However, some parrots easily live 60-70 years, almost as long as humans. Only the smallest parrots like budgerigars live merely up to 8 years. For most types, 15, 20, and 30 are the norm.

When you buy a bird, you have to learn everything about its health, habitat, diet, behavior, and so on. Thus, today, I’d like to cover the topic of Eclectus lifespan.

Eclectus is a brightly colored average-sized parrot that has become a popular pet in many countries since its mass domestication 40 years ago. However, considering relatively recent domestication and captivity breeding of the bird, the exact lifespan is yet to be determined over time. As of now, the longest recorded age of an Eclectus parrot is shy of 29 years. Thus, you expect it to be a long-time companion for you and your family.

However, despite the few documented Eclectuses, there are unofficial reports of the bird living up to 40 years.
No matter what estimations are valid, you, as a loving owner, have to make everything possible to keep a bird as healthy as possible for the longest time. With utmost care, your pet will live a long happy life in most cases.

So, let’s make sure that you know how to take care of this particular bird and give it all a chance to prove those 30+year reports!

How Long Do Eclectus Parrots Live in Captivity?

how long do eclectus live

Experts have been observing Eclectus parrots for not as long as most other genera. Thus, we know lots after years of Macaw observation, or African Grey, but Eclectus needs more time to show us everything it’s got. In general, scientists come to the agreement of approximately 30 years of life for these parrots. However, we still cannot disregard the words of locals who claim bigger numbers, up to 50 or 70 years. As these claims are too far from the official reports, they are definitely a bit of a stretch. The number maybe somewhere in the middle.

Considering that parrots in captivity generally live longer than their wild relatives, we can expect a rise in the number as the years go by.
At home, your bird doesn’t have to worry about predators or food foraging. They are safe from natural disasters and many diseases that may shorten a wild parrot’s lifespan. That is considering you take good care of your pet and visit a vet at least twice a year for a check-up and every time it has worrisome symptoms.

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How Long Do Eclectus Parrots Live in the Wild?

As I’ve mentioned, parrots have a shorter lifespan in the wild due to natural factors and other animals praying on them. It’s obviously harder to stay safe and healthy while living in the woods.

There are no reports of an Eclectus bird living up to30 years in the wild. Even if they avoid the predator’s gaze, the conditions are not perfect, and foraging food can become harder during certain seasons.

Plus, there is possible evidence of Ecelectus not getting all the necessary vitamins in the wild. You see, in captivity, these birds are often prone to “toe-tapping” when fed vitamin-rich healthy foods. These are involuntary contractions and extensions of muscles due to a new richer diet.

What Shortens a Parrot’s Lifespan?

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Generally, parrots face lots and lots of issues that may be damaging to their health and lead to premature death.
Although house pets are safer in all regards, you still have to educate your whole family about taking care of parrots, what to feed them, what to do and not to do, etc.

Look out for the following things if you have a bird at home!

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Yes, living with humans doesn’t mean that the bird is entirely safe and no predator can reach it. Being eaten is among the dangers still (although far less worrisome now).

Generally, if you have their predatory pets at home, like a dog, cat, or a snake, you have to make sure to either keep them apart or explain that this is not food. Cats are especially fond of tiny pets like budgies.

However, Eclectus are considerably bigger than budgies, and small cats don’t be a problem in most cases. Plus, if you live in a house, you’ll have to look out for wild animals that may stumble into your home or if your parrot flies away outside!

Lack of Food or Obesity

Though the latter is far more common among pets, there is also a chance a pet can suffer from malnutrition. As a tendency, pet owners incline more to overfeed their beloved animals, trying to satisfy them and provide everything they may need. This leads to obesity more often than not. And I suspect there is no need to dive deeper into what parts of a bird’s health can be affected by it. All of them!

When the opposite comes into play, owners either might be worried about overfeeding a bird that goes the opposite way, or they may simply neglect a bird.

You should always consult a veterinarian on the exact portion size your parrot will need. I may give you suggestions on which foods are beneficial and which are poisonous, but the amount should always be tailored according to your bird’s size and weight conditions.

Unhealthy and Poisonous Foods

When you store food for your bird or give it everything you eat yourself, your part is under threat of indigestion or poisoning.
Ready-to-consume foods are full of sugar, fat, preservative, and other additives that will not kill your bird instantly but will damage its health in the long run. The same concerns the food from your table. When you cook for your family, you add similar harmful ingredients. Humans can easily digest them and remain relatively healthy; for parrots, such food is dangerous.

But there are also poisonous ingredients and foods for parrots that you may not even suspect if you don’t read specialized articles and consult with a vet specifically. Among such common ingredients are avocado, cherry pits, chocolate, and so on. You can read about them in the respective articles. Also, there’s a comprehensive guide on poisonous substances for parrots!

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Missing Vet Visits

Yes, visiting a veterinarian only when your bird looks ill is irresponsible. Multiple issues with parrot health start without apparent symptoms and have to be treated at this initial stage. Regular vet visits, about twice a year, will help to determine and diagnose hidden dangers. Thus, I encourage you to take responsibility for your bird and cooperate with a reputable avian vet!

How Can You Help Eclectus Live Longer?

how long do eclectus parrots live

Such a wish is entirely understandable. Every pet owner wants to ensure that their animal lives as long as possible. And I admire people who make everything possible to help their parrots.

You can do a couple of things to prolong its life, but they all come down to common sense, really.

Healthy Diet

This point is in a direct link to the harmful points. Don’t poison your pet with food. Keep it on a healthy diet. You bear full responsibility for this part of your pet’s life. You determine the products and serving size appropriate for your pet.

Besides giving your bird just the correct number of calories per day, you’ll have to include all the required vitamins and minerals. Your bird will significantly benefit from vitamins A, B, C, K, iron, magnesium, calcium, and fibers. This is the base that should be included daily in small amounts. The detailed nutritional benefits of certain foods are described in respective articles here.

Plenty of Exercise

A healthy parrot is an active parrot. Do not let your bird stay in a stuffy small cage all the time. Either buy a bigger cage where your bird will have plenty of room to hop around, swing its wings, and do all kinds of activity, or let it outside daily. You can buy a specialized parrot leash and take it for walks in a safe environment. Do not take it to a crowded street and keep away from forests with predators.

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Play With Your Bird

The mental health of a parrot is just as important as its physical health. Depressed or sacred birds will deteriorate before your eyes.
Parrots are primarily social birds and require attention from their owners daily. Therefore, your pet will love spending time with you! Make sure you talk to the bird and bring different toys to stimulate it mentally. After all, parrots are highly intelligent and love puzzles, riddles, musical instruments, and so on.

Vet, Vet, Vet

I won’t be repeating the full importance of regular veterinary visits. Instead, I’ll just leave one more reminder, so you always remember it.

Overall, Eclectus is still a relatively fresh addition amidst pet parrots. We still don’t know everything about this beautiful and intelligent bird. However, we know that it’ll surely live up to 30 years with owners who care for their health and love the bird dearly. The abovementioned tips apply to any kind of parrot pet (and even other species) but effectively keep your bird as healthy as possible.