Can Two Parrots Live in One Cage? Dangers and Benefits

Parrots are highly social creatures. They need regular socializing to stay mentally healthy and happy. A good owner does everything to spend more time with the bird, but it can be not enough sometimes. Your bird may require a constant partner – another parrot, especially if you are busy at work. So the only question remains: Can two parrots live in one cage? 

If you want to have two parrots living together, you can do that. Parrots can share a cage. However, there are a few conditions you need to meet, mainly concerning their sex, kind, temperament, and space. 

If you want to buy a new friend for your pet or consider buying a couple right away, you should research the topic thoroughly as some parrots share the cage easier, and others don’t like it. Plus, you need to consider many other aspects. 

Read more to find out how to house two parrots in one cage and make it comfortable for them. 

Do Parrots of the Same Species Live Together? 

two parrots in cage

Yes, it’s always recommended to house two parrots of the same species in one cage. This is the preferred method as parrots of the same species can find better ways to communicate and bond. 

If you already have a parrot living with you for a few years, though, and want to put another parrot in the cage, it probably won’t go well. Even if parrots are the same kind, they are still territorial, especially towards strangers. It’ll be stressful for your old-time pet, and the newcomer won’t get used to the new home and bond with you or its intended companion. 

Plus, you have to consider the question of housing when getting two parrots. They obviously require a bigger cage and even bigger than you think. Also, due to their territorial nature, they require a safe corner of their own, even when mated. 

In any case, I understand that the circumstances can be different, and when the need occurs, we have to do what we have to do. However, for the sake of your parrots’ health, consult a professional for detailed tips suitable for your particular case. 

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Do Parrots of Different Species Live Together? 

Housing two parrots of different species in one cage is even trickier than with the same-species couple. It doesn’t always work well in the latter case. Different parrots find it harder to cohabitate. Some types of parrots don’t like to share space even with their species! 

Many parrots become vicious in the presence of a strange parrot. While they can tolerate the neutral spaces in your house, a.k.a. the space outside of their cage, they are better suited to living in their cage. 

However, there are a few types of parrots that tolerate other species and can even bond with them: budgies, cockatiels, conures, lovebirds, and canaries. But these are the species used to living in groups anyway. That is why they are so social and welcoming. 

How to Introduce Parrots? 

buy two parrots

The best way is to buy them together while still young and house them together from the start. In this case, 

  1. the birds have already been bred in one aviary and know each other
  2. they better learn to socialize and share a living space at the young age
  3. you can even try for two parrots of the same sex (although there is no guarantee that the bird will get along) 

Overall, it is recommended to house two birds of the same species but of different sex in one cage. However, this brings the issue of laying eggs and chicks! Thus, you can try to buy two parrots of the same sex while they are young and have been bred in one place, preferrably in one aviary. If the birds are of the opposite sex, ensure they are not related.

A possible way to let parrots get used to each other is by placing two cages right beside each other and letting them hang out in the neutral areas often. With time, you’ll see whether the birds can cohabitate in one cage or not. 

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What Are the Complications of Two Parrots Living Together? 

As I’ve mentioned before, there is no guarantee that your parrots will bond and live happily together even in the best circumstances. After all, parrots are brilliant animals and show emotions similar to humans. Plus, they each have unique characters. And as with people, there is no guarantee that two individuals will like each other. 

And this puts certain complications into the spotlight. 

If the two birds can’t stand each other, it may all come to fighting. Birds are physical creatures, and their body language is a powerful tool. And what is the most powerful tool against an enemy? Fighting! And no owner needs to be reminded that physical violence can lead to drastic consequences, with a few plucked feathers being the least of your worries. 

Another complication that may occur is hormonal change. As the parrots grow, they can be more hostile towards each other when the hormones kick in. This is especially prevalent among same-sex couples. 

With this in mind, you should know that these are extreme cases. But, in general, parrots get along well more often than not. So, changes in fights are lower than you may consider. Especially when the parrots have a big enough cage for the two of them. But more on that later! 

What Are the Benefits of Two Parrots Living Together? 

two parrots in one cage

Overall, the benefit of two parrots living in one cage is obvious – better socialization. Parrot need socializing as much as they need food. This is the fuel for their mental well-being. Lack of socialization can lead to depression, which affects the bird’s health a swell. And treating depression in parrots is a complex task. 

If you don’t have enough time to devote to your bird daily, it’s better if it has a companion. They’ll play together, chirp happily, and can even sing duo. This way, your parrots need attention from you while remaining happy. But you should spend time with them regularly anyway! After all, you are a part of their flock. 

Another benefit of two parrots living together comes from opposite-sex couples – breeding. Parrot breeding is a complex issue for newbie owners. However, if the two parrots like each other, you just need to support them. And maybe read the breeding guide here! 

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What Cage Size Is Needed for Two Parrots? 

The cage needs to be big. This is a crucial factor in how comfortable your birds will be while living together. 

The cage has to be twice as big as you would get for one bird. Each parrot has to have its own space and corner. They tend to keep their toys and feeders separate. And though the two birds spend much time together in the cage playing or cuddling, additional space for their “alone time” is needed. 

Overall, they are like two people living together. We all need our personal corner from time to time. Some of us are more extroverted and social, others less. The same with parrots. 

All in all, if you plan on keeping two parrots in one cage, follow these rules: 

  1. The cage is big enough. 
  2. You should put double of everything in the cage.
  3. Parrots get to know each other and live together from a young age.