Can Parrots Eat Watermelon?

On these hot summer days, I adore having watermelon as a light snack. Not only it has zero calories, but it’s tasty and full of vitamins and nutrients. But when I’m in the kitchen doing a watermelon smoothie, can I give a piece of it to my parrot?

Absolutely yes! Watermelon is good for birds as a snack and is packed with extra nutrients and vitamins. So as long as your parrot eats other food – you can feed your parrot a watermelon.

When I first thought about feeding my parrot a watermelon, I’ve got lots of questions, for example:

  • What are other watermelon benefits for a parrot?
  • How much watermelon can I give to my parrot in one go?
  • Can I give watermelon seeds to my parrot?
  • Is it ok to give a parrot watermelon juice?
  • Is eating watermelon dangerous for my parrot?

I’ve got all answers and am ready to share those with you. So let’s save some time and get straight to the point.

What Are Watermelon’s Nutritional Benefits for Your Parrot?

As with any other food, watermelon carries many vitamins and nutrients beneficial for the parrot. I’ve listed below only a few:


Fibers found in watermelon guarantees the parrots’ digestion runs well. Healthier digestion means better immunity, skin, and feathers.


L-citrulline promotes muscle health and builds in your parrot. It helps reduce muscle aches and improves muscle fibers’ restoration processes.


Watermelon is packed with various vitamins, including Vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A makes your bird’s feathers healthy and robust, reducing feather loss risk. Vitamin C boosts the parrot’s immunity and aids it to have a better skin condition.


By eating watermelon, your parrot can reap the benefits of the following microelements.              

  • Iron improves the synthesis of hemoglobin in a parrot’s body, which helps carry more oxygen to its cells. Thus, all body systems start working efficiently, and the bird becomes more vigorous.
  • Choline is good to stop inflammation. Plus, it develops better cellular memory and improves movement coordination.
  • Potassium regulates blood pressure and helps your parrot to maintain a healthy heart.
  • Magnesium forms strong bones and muscle coordination. Also, it helps develop neurons in the brain.

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How Much Watermelon Is Safe to Feed Your Parrot?

Large rose parrot eating a slice of watermelon, Koh Samui, Land of smiles

A well-balanced parrot’s diet should consist of seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Some formulated foods may include dried fruits. Still, breeders recommend feeding your parrot with fresh fruits because dried ones may not provide enough health benefits for your bird.

Fruits should make up around 15-30% of the parrot’s diet. Within this norm, you can give various fruits, such as blueberries, kiwi, watermelon, etc. So, the exact amount of watermelon to give to your parrot is up to you. But make sure that watermelon does not replace the seeds to provide your parrot the whole pack of nutrition benefits. Offer it to your bird as a healthy snack choice and mix it with other fruits as well.

Can My Parrot Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Yes, you can feed your parrot with watermelon seeds. Not only the juicy watermelon fiber is full of nutrients, but seeds too. Cooper, magnesium folate, and zinc are only a few elements that aid parrots to stay healthy. They are suitable for feathers, bones, and the heart and help improve metabolism.

Some owners don’t give watermelon seeds to a parrot because they are solid, and not all parrots can peck them quickly. I tried soaking seeds overnight and then giving them to my pet. And that worked perfectly. Seeds become softer, so the bird is safe to eat them.

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Can I Give Watermelon Rind to My Parrot?

In general, breeders and most owners prefer not to feed a parrot with a watermelon rind. I’ll explain why. As the fruit grows, it’s being attacked by different pests. So farmers use pesticides to repel bugs. Pesticides tend to accumulate in the watermelon rind and on its surface. And while you can wash them off the surface, there is a certain amount of pesticides that stays in the rind and puts a parrot at risk of intoxication.

Having said that, it’s better to give only juicy parts of the watermelon to your parrot. But if you still want to feed a pet with rind – make sure you wash it properly and don’t give too much of it to prevent any pesticides harm. A good idea is to buy organically grown watermelons that undergo less processing with toxic substances.

Can Parrots drink watermelon juice?

Sure! You can give watermelon juice to your parrot. Toss a few scoops of watermelon into a blender and blend until it’s liquid. And treat your bird with this homemade juice. You may want to take off all seeds before blending it or strain the juice afterward to prevent a parrot from choking.

Is It Messy to Give Your Parrot Watermelon?

Yes, the whole process of feeding can become messy. So prepare to do some cleaning afterward. Still, you can use some preparation tips to make it easier:

Offer Fruits Cut into Small Pieces

Cut watermelon into small pieces so the parrot can eat it faster. The smaller the piece – the less mess occurs while the parrot will be trying to peck it. 

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Keep Your Parrot Away from Walls and Carpets

I bet there is no chance even for you to stay tidy after you ate watermelon. Imagine how difficult it’s for your parrot to eat watermelon pieces with a beak and without hands. So think two steps ahead and put a parrot in place that is easy to clean. Make sure he eats far from carpets, wallpapers, and so on.

Get Ready for Cleaning

Grab a towel and soap to quickly clean up after feeding the parrot with watermelon.

Is It Dangerous to Give Watermelon to a Parrot?

I’d rather speak about precautions that should be taken when you feed your parrot with a watermelon. As I mentioned above, you need to get organically grown watermelons and soak their seeds so that your bird can eat them safely.

Another important note is to keep the watermelon fresh. If the parrot didn’t finish the watermelon snack within 2 hours – toss it into the trash bin. In open space, bacteria start to build up that may cause sickness in your pet.

Don’t overfeed your parrot with a watermelon. Ensure you give it another fruits and vegetables as well as seeds. This is because all nutrients have to be balanced to support the health and longevity of your bird. For example, too much iron in its diet leads to iron storage disease; not enough iron – can cause anemia. So, it’s better to watch out for the intake of watermelon and stick to the recommended percentage.

If all the above is followed, there are no dangers related to feeding your parrot watermelon, its juice, seeds, or rind.

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Do I Have to Remove the Seeds before Feeding Watermelon to My Parrot?

No, that’s not an obligatory thing to do. Many breeders prefer to save time and not remove the seeds, while others – remove and soak the seeds before feeding them to the parrot. So the choice is all yours.

The only tip is to feed your bird under supervision to stay on the safe side.

Watermelon is a great snack for a parrot that won’t cause obesity because it bears fewer calories than sweeter fruits, for example.

So, paired with a formulated diet and other fruits – it’s an excellent option for a healthy menu.