Do Parakeets Eat Watermelon? Is It Safe?

Summertime is coming! As the weather becomes warmer and warmer, our pets’ diet slightly changes. We start giving them more greens, veggies, and fruit. And here come a lot of safety questions. Can my pet eat this? Can it eat that? Obviously, you need to check each food separately. In this article, let’s discuss the question of one of my favorite summer treats – watermelon. Can your parrots, in particular parakeets, eat it?

The good news is that your beloved parakeets can eat watermelon! It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients. However, as with all fruits, moderation is the key. Watermelon is a sugary treat, and you should limit it to a couple of days a week and in small portions.

Remember that watermelon is a tasty treat and should be given as such – not as the main course. A good strategy of including watermelon in your parrot’s diet is by using it as a training treat and encouragement when learning new tricks or words.

All in all, watermelon is allowed. But let’s discuss the topic in detail and cover some additional questions.

What Beneficial Elements Does Watermelon Contain?

do parrots eat watermelon

When choosing food for my parrots, I always consider its benefit foremost. I’d instead opt for something healthy than tasty for my pets if given a choice. Yes, they like a sweet treat, but you can find something that is beneficial as well. And this is where watermelon comes.

Vitamin A and C

These are two essential vitamins for all animals on this planet. You know the wonders vitamin C works on our health and immune system! The same goes for parakeets. Vitamin A is crucial for parrots due to its positive effects on skin and feathers’ health. And this aspect should not be neglected by parrot owners.

Iron and Potassium

These elements support the functionality of our circulatory system. Iron is a part of hemoglobin; as you know, it carries oxygen in our blood. Parrots’ organisms have the same basic principles as we do. Potassium is also an essential element for the system and mainly blood pressure health.


This component combines the categories above all here! Magnesium affects parrots similarly to how humans need it. It regulates heart and muscle health as well as the general condition of its body. Plus, feathers are gonna shine!

Fiber and Hydration

Although watermelon is mostly water, it contains enough fibers to improve its digestive system. Plus, the bird will get the necessary hydration that should be increased in summer.

Can Parrots Eat Watermelon?

Can Parrots Eat Watermelon Seeds?

is watermelon safe for parrots

Yes, watermelon seeds are safe for parrots. Unlike many fruits that I caution about, these seeds are harmless for your bird. However, I still wouldn’t feed them on purpose. If the bird eats one or two, that’s okay. However, they are bigger and harder than your parakeet is used to. This is some choking risk I wouldn’t want to evoke.

But how to make sure it’s safe?

Option 1 – buy seedless watermelons. I know they are harder to find and more expensive, though. Thus, I recommend the next option.

Option 2 – spend some time removing seeds. Really, it won’t take long. Your parrot shouldn’t overeat watermelon anyway. A small piece contains no more than a couple of seeds easy to remove. You can also soak the seeds overnight and chop them to feed your bird later.

Can Parakeets Eat Watermelon Rind?

is watermelon safe for

Yes! They totally can but will they? I mean, you can always offer it and see whether your bird will like the taste. However, in comparison with the flesh, the rind is way less tasty, and not any parrots will choose to eat it after that sweetness.

Plus, always remember to buy your fruit and veggies from a reputable farmer! Modern supermarkets sell food full of pesticides. And the rind is the prime repository for those. So remember to wash it thoroughly no matter where you buy the watermelon.
Better safe than sorry.

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How to Give Parakeet a Watermelon?

The iconic recipe I prefer is quite simple – cut the watermelon in cubes, remove seeds, and serve! This is a straightforward method, but you really don’t need anything less.

An interesting option I like to include is a fruit bowl. You mix all kinds of fruit your parrot likes, e.g., cut them all in cubes, and offer a diverse plate. No need to focus on one fruit. Diversity provides more vitamins and minerals that will help your pet on a daily basis. Always remember to keep these fruit bowls to a minimum due to their high sugar content! If your parrot is already overweight, better stick to veggies, greens, and dedicated parrot mixes.

Considering parakeets’ tiny size, experts suggest keeping fruits to a minimum!

One other possible thing is watermelon juice. You may either blend it on its own or mix it with water to dilute the sweetness. I’m sure your parrot will like the drink anyway.

Do Parakeets Like Watermelon?

can parrots eat watermelon
Big bird african grey parrot in cage eat red and fresh watermelon.

Yes! In general, parakeets and all other parrots adore watermelon. First of all, it’s sweet, and animals often crave it. Secondly, watermelons are native to many places with indigenous parrots. These birds have it in their nature to savor sweet and watery summer treats!

However, I always say that parrots have their own preferences. And some parakeets don’t like certain foods. Watermelon may be among them. If this happens, don’t push your bird! Instead, bring something else that it likes. Maybe a melon or an apple? You’ll know what your bird likes.

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After all, watermelon isn’t a superfood packed with nutrients as nothing else. Yes, it has beneficial elements, but there are lots of substitutes for all of them! You can check the food articles on my website and choose what substitutes to use!
Don’t limit your parrot to retail mixes! Improvise but safely.