Can Parrots Eat Eggs? Healthy Tips to Try

It would seem that it is very strange for parrots to eat the eggs of other birds, but this is quite possible. What’s more, all birds can eat eggs, and even chickens often eat their own. Can parrots eat eggs? Is it good for their health?

Yes, parrots can eat eggs as they are organic food that does not contain harmful substances. However, even though eggs do not contain carbohydrates, you should control the serving on your pet’s menu. Parrots can safely eat raw eggs, boiled eggs, and even eggshells.

What are the benefits of eggs for parrots? What is the correct way to feed a parrot with eggs? How do eggs affect your pet’s instincts? I will tell you all the details. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Are Eggs Good for Parrots?

In the wild, birds often eat eggs because of the nutritional value they need to survive. Eggs help nourish the brains of animals, and intellect is essential for survival in the wild. Parrots are no exception, and they also need eggs for their brains to function properly.

The fact is that egg yolk contains choline, an element responsible for brain impulses and quick thinking. It is one of the most important nutrients for the brain of all living things. It is choline that will help you in training speech and performing tasks with your parrot.

Also, the elements found in eggs help other nutrients to be absorbed and support liver health. A chicken egg contains 12% protein, which supplies your parrot with essential amino acids.

These amino acids also support brain health and create neurotransmitters that allow the brain to quickly receive signals from all over the body. It helps the parrot understand you better and think faster. Eggs also contain unique amino acids that the bird’s body does not produce on its own.

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Can Parrots Eat Eggshells?

Eggshells contain large amounts of calcium, which is needed by many systems in the parrot’s body. Primarily, calcium helps build the strong bones, beaks, and claws of a parrot. It helps maintain your pet’s overall health and protects them from minor injuries.

Also, calcium helps female parrots to lay stronger and bigger eggs, improving their shell. And adding crushed chicken eggshells to your pet’s menu is the easiest way to help your parrot get extra calcium. However, make sure you crush the eggshells thoroughly, as your parrot may choke or get hurt.

Can Parrots Eat Boiled Eggs?

Yes, you can certainly add boiled eggs to your parrot’s menu. They will love this treat. If your parrot is not used to eating eggs regularly, they may not properly digest them. Therefore, I recommend that you boil the eggs hard for breaking down the solid protein, which sometimes causes difficulties in the gastrointestinal tract of birds.

Can Parrots Eat Fried Eggs?

Yes, you can give your parrot fried eggs. However, it is not the best option for them. First of all, fried food is bad for your parrot, and you’d better choose raw or boiled egg for your pet. Secondly, when frying, the proteins are broken down on only one side, and half of them remain in a solid state, which is difficult for your parrot to digest.

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Can You Feed Parrots with Scrambled Eggs?

You can cook omelets and scrambled eggs for your parrot. Just make sure they are free of salt, spices, and a lot of oil. These eggs will be especially beneficial for your pet because, during the cooking process, the proteins are broken down, while the eggs remain very soft and smooth, which makes it easier to digest such food.

How to Feed Your Parrot with Eggs?

You can also feed your parrot with raw eggs, especially if they are used to eating such food. Just place the egg in the parrot feeding area and watch them eat it. A parrot can eat whole eggs, including eggshells, but this will be difficult for small pets. If so, make sure they eat the eggshells by breaking them into small pieces.

You can also purchase already peeled and ground eggshells in packages. However, you should purchase it from a trusted manufacturer to ensure the quality and that the eggshell has been disinfected properly.

If your parrot is trying eggs for the first time, I recommend starting with an omelet, scrambled eggs, or boiled eggs. It will make it easier for your parrot to digest it the first time. Then, gradually add raw eggs to your pet’s diet in small amounts, and they will get used to eating these foods.

There are a couple of safety rules about feeding your parrot with eggs. First, if you are giving them cooked food, make sure it is cool enough so that your parrot does not burn itself. I also recommend thoroughly cleaning the cage or feeding area from egg leftovers 1-2 hours after feeding. It will prevent bacteria that can harm your parrot.

How Often Should You Give Eggs to Your Parrot?

In the wild, parrots can eat eggs in unlimited quantities because they try to eat all the available food to survive and stay strong. However, the lifestyle of wild and domestic parrots is very different. Therefore, you should adjust your pet’s diet to keep them healthy and not gain excess weight.

Since pet parrots eat differently from wild ones, the combination of eggs and processed food can cause a variety of digestive upsets. In addition, excessive consumption of food with amino acids can disrupt your parrot’s metabolism and even change their behavior. 

If your parrot isn’t used to eating eggs, starting with one egg per week, boiled or raw, is a great option. You can gradually increase the number of such feeds up to twice a week, but you should carefully watch how your parrot reacts to such food.

If you want to feed your pet bird with eggshells, grind and add them to other foods first. When you make sure your parrot can digest it well, you can give them whole eggs.

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What Are the Dangers of Eggs to Parrots?

As we have already found out, eggs contain many useful things for parrots. Such food makes them more intelligent, active, and sociable and also keeps their brains active. However, there are some disadvantages to having too many eggs in your pet’s diet.

If there are too many eggs on your parrot’s menu, their behavior may become more natural, similar to what they have in the wild, when the main goal of their life is survival. Such parrots may over-guard their food or treat any food as their own prey. It will be more difficult for you to communicate with such a parrot, and their behavior will have the habits of a predator.

If you stick to healthy egg feeding practices for your pet, you will definitely benefit from it. Eggs on their menu are especially useful if you want to teach your pet to talk and communicate with you. In addition, 1-2 eggs per week will help keep your parrot’s brain active and help them grow faster.

Overeating eggshells does not lead to any side effects in parrots. A large amount of calcium will benefit your pet’s entire body, making them strong, healthy, and vigorous.

Do Eggs Contain Too Much Cholesterol?

It was previously believed that eggs contain high cholesterol levels and can negatively affect the health of people and their pets. However, the US Department of Agriculture conducted additional research and concluded that these data were incorrect.

As a result, it turned out that eggs contain 64% more vitamin D than previously known and 14% less cholesterol. So eggs do not cause obesity in parrots and do not harm their health if given in moderation. Besides, your pet needs enough vitamin D, especially if they don’t get it from sunlight.

What Should You Do When Your Parrot Vomits Right after Eating Eggs?

If your parrot vomits after eating eggs, immediately offer them a little water to drink. Check the condition of your pet bird, determine if it is lethargic and if urgent attention is required. Remove any leftover food from the feeding area to prevent your pet from eating more.

Vomiting after eating is common in many animals, and birds are no exception. It can be considered normal, but only if your parrot is not weak, lethargic, and stays vigorous. If you see any unusual symptoms in their appearance or behavior, contact your vet immediately.

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Summing up, I can say that eating eggs will bring many benefits to your parrot, making them stronger and more intelligent. However, do not feed them with eggs too often and boil eggs if your parrot has never eaten them before. Remember that while eggs have many benefits for parrots, too much of them can affect your pet’s behavior.