Can Parrots Eat Apples? One Danger to Learn

Parrots are one of the most popular pets in the world. However, many people do not even suspect that parrots’ diet is very diverse and needs a detailed description. Parrots need to eat many fruits and vegetables to get the full range of vitamins and minerals. However, there are healthy foods that can be dangerous for them. For example, your parrot may eat cherries, but their seeds are toxic to birds. What about apples? Can parrots eat apples?

In general, yes, parrots can eat apples as part of their varied, nutritious diet. They contain many beneficial elements and help maintain the bird’s health. However, there are some reasons why you shouldn’t make apples the base of your parrot’s diet. You can give them apples as a fun snack.

What should be the basis of your parrot’s diet? It should be a variety of fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and cereals. You also need to find pellets that are right for your pet bird. What about apples?

How many apples can your parrot eat? Are there any side effects of apples for parrot health? Can parrots eat apple seeds or skin? What are the health benefits of apples for your parrot? There are many questions, but I have all the answers! Let’s figure it out together!

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What Benefits Do Apples Have for Parrots?

You probably know that apples have many health benefits and are one of the most nutrients in your diet. For parrots, apples are also a very healthy treat. They contain various vitamins, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps your pet grow healthy feathers and is responsible for bright pigmentation. Therefore, parrots can have bright yellow, red, green, or blue feathers. All these are the benefits of vitamin A in their diet. Without it, feathers can become dull and even begin to fall out.

However, you should be aware that synthetic vitamin A can be dangerous and even harmful to your parrot. Therefore, you should add it through food to your pet’s diet. And apples are a great option, as are butternut squash, apricots, and broccoli.

Vitamin C

The deficiency of vitamin C in your parrot’s body often leads to destructive behavior. If you notice that your parrot is plucking feathers, chewing on the tips, or preening too obsessively, these are signs of such a deficiency. Therefore, you should enrich your parrot’s diet with food that contains high amounts of vitamin C. These can be apples, kiwis, bell peppers, or cherries.


A good balance of magnesium in the diet of parrots means a healthy nervous system, beautiful feathers, strong beaks, and muscles. This mineral also supports recovery, coordination, heart, and brain health in parrots.

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How Often Can You Feed Your Parrot Apples?

So, we have found out that apples bring great health benefits to your pet. The main rule is to maintain a balance of nutrients, so apples should not form the basis of their diet. Vegetables and fruits should make up about 25% of your pet’s daily diet for a good balance of all vitamins. So I recommend giving them three different fruits and vegetables at each meal.

Thus, by mixing healthy foods, you will help your parrot get all the healthy elements. So we can conclude that apples in your pet’s diet can be present 2-3 times a week as part of a healthy diet.

Can Parrots Eat the Apple Skin?

In theory, the answer is yes – your parrot can eat the peel of an organic apple or that apple that grows in your garden. The peel of these apples contains a large amount of fiber and vitamins. However, considering apples bought in a store, you must definitely cut off the peel because it contains a lot of pesticides.

Farmers treat fruits and vegetables with pesticides to keep them from pests. Fruit peels are capable of accumulating a huge amount of chemicals. Apples contain more pesticides than many other fruits, and more chemicals are found only in strawberries, spinach, and nectarines.

Therefore, either use only organic apples or peel them thoroughly so as not to harm your pet.

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Can My Parrot Eat Apple Seeds?

If there are different options with apple peel, then there will be a definite answer regarding apple seeds. No. Your parrot cannot eat apple seeds because they are toxic and can harm their health. It happens that the fruit itself is beneficial to parrots, and the seeds are toxic to them.

Apple seeds contain cyanide, which is very harmful to the bird’s heart. Therefore, you need to be sure to thoroughly peel the apple of seeds before feeding your parrot. It will be convenient and quick for you to do it with this simple apple peeler.

What Should You Do If Your Parrot Has Eaten an Apple Seed?

If your parrot accidentally eats apple seeds, do not panic because this does not necessarily mean dangerous consequences. Of course, you must control your pet and not give them dangerous food. The first signs of cyanide poisoning in parrots are diarrhea, changes in appetite, poor mobility, closed eyes, and a desire for isolation. 

In the event of these symptoms, you should immediately take your parrot to the vet. If you know that your parrot has eaten a lot of apple seeds, do not wait for these symptoms, but immediately take your pet to the vet.


Are apples safe for your parrot? Yes, apple pulp is definitely safe for birds and will form a great part of your pet’s healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables should make up about a third of your parrot’s healthy diet, and apples are a great source of vitamin A, C, and fiber.

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The main rule is to remove the peel of the apple if it is not organic and remove any seeds that are toxic to parrots. Add apples to your parrot’s menu 2-3 times a week and combine them with other vegetables and fruits.