Can Parrots Eat Thyme Without Any Dangers?

Thyme is a special fragrant herb that can complement many dishes in our cuisine. In addition, it is very beneficial for your health. Can thyme be good for your parrot’s health? Can parrots eat thyme safely?

Yes, parrots can eat thyme without harm to their health. This herb contains certain nutrients that can support your pet’s health. However, herbs and leaves can form an additional part of the bird’s diet but do not form the basis of their nutrition.

If you want to add herbs to your parrot’s diet, you should mix them with vegetables and fruits, which form the basis of your pet’s menu. Thyme is no exception. And although it contains some valuable substances, it does not have enough nutrients to be the basis of the bird’s menu and support their healthy growth.

Is thyme safe for parrots? How to feed a parrot with thyme? What are the nutritional benefits of thyme?

Let’s look at these and other questions in detail. So stay with us to find out more!

What Is Thyme?

Thyme is a kind of herb originating from the eastern Mediterranean region, where it is widely used both in cooking and medicine. Thanks to its aroma and properties, thyme is widely used in many cuisines around the world.

This perennial plant loves heat and drought, so it is considered easy to care for. Thyme comes in several varieties, but we usually use Thymus vulgaris for cooking.

Is Thyme Toxic for Parrots?

Thyme has no toxic properties for your parrot, which means it is safe to add to your pet’s menu. In addition, thyme contains several nutrients that can benefit your bird’s health.

The only trouble that can be associated with thyme is pesticides, which are present in many herbs, berries, vegetables, and fruits. Pesticides in large quantities can be deadly to parrots, especially for little ones. Therefore, you should wash thyme very thoroughly before feeding your pet. You can also grow thyme on your windowsill or buy eco herbs for your parrot so you can be sure that nothing will harm your pet.

Can Parrots Eat Fresh Thyme?

Thyme is safe for your pet parrot in any form. You can give them fresh thyme, making sure you wash it thoroughly and remove pesticides. You can also give them dried thyme, which can be obtained with a dehydrator or oven-dried. In this case, you will also get a strong pleasant aroma.

What Nutrients Does Thyme Contain?

Thyme contains several beneficial elements that can improve the health of your parrot. Let’s look at them in more detail.


Although living organisms need manganese in small quantities, it performs many important functions. First, it helps build connective tissue, keeping muscles, tendons, and internal organs healthy. Secondly, it is involved in the construction of bones, providing them with sufficient density and endurance. Finally, manganese also helps maintain healthy blood clotting, protecting your pet from various diseases.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for your parrot. First of all, it supports the health of birds’ immune systems, helping them resist infections and recover from inflammation. This vitamin also supports parrot heart health, lowers blood sugar levels, and normalizes blood pressure.

Vitamin C helps parrots regulate emotional health and reduce stress. It prevents destructive behavior such as screaming and feather plucking. Getting enough vitamin C helps your parrot keep bones, joints, and muscles healthy, allowing them to maintain healthy activity.


The main task of iron is to help form red blood cells and maintain a healthy circulatory system of the parrot. In addition, iron helps the processes of hematopoiesis and oxygen transport to all organs of the bird’s body. An insufficient amount of iron can cause anemia in parrots, which leads to serious health problems.


Copper has similar functions to iron. For example, it helps build blood cells, transport oxygen to the organs and maintain the health of the nervous system of parrots. And although copper is not needed in such large quantities as iron, this element is also very important. It is copper that helps iron be properly absorbed and perform its functions.

Can Amazon Parrots Eat Thyme?

Amazon parrots can safely eat thyme. What’s more, these herbs will benefit your parrot when consumed regularly. Try giving your Amazon parrot some dried thyme as a flavorful snack.

Can African Gray Parrots Eat Thyme?

African Grays can also eat thyme without harm to their health. A large amount of iron will bring them many benefits along with other elements of thyme. Remember to wash thyme thoroughly before feeding to get rid of dangerous pesticides.

Can Eclectus Parrots Eat Thyme?

Yes. Eclectus parrots can also eat thyme without any harm to their health. Your parrot will get many benefits if you add some thyme to other vegetables and fruits. I love to combine thyme with pomegranate seeds and pear pieces to get a flavorful snack for my parrot.

Can Quaker Parrots Eat Thyme?

Quaker parrots can safely enjoy fragrant thyme for their health benefits. These herbs can keep your pet’s internal organs healthy, bringing many advantages. Feed your parrot fresh or dried thyme and see whether they like it.


Thyme is a wonderful source of beneficial elements for your parrot, which is absolutely safe for their health. You can give your pet fresh or dried thyme as part of their nutritional diet. However, remember that herbs cannot be your pet’s staple food and should be used as a supplement to basic vegetables and fruits.

You need to thoroughly wash thyme before feeding your parrot to get rid of any possible pesticides. You can grow thyme at home and get a completely safe plant. In addition, it is very simple because thyme is one of the most simple plants, resistant to drought, heat, and frost.

Add thyme to your parrot’s menu without hesitation and give them all the benefits for their health and active life.