Can Parrots Eat Tomatoes? Is It Safe for Them?

Many people love tomatoes and enjoy eating them regularly. Tomatoes have various health benefits for the human body and are part of many delicious recipes. You can cook soup, salad, bake them as a side dish for a steak, make sun-dried tomatoes with spices and olive oil, or just have a snack in any situation.

What about parrots? As you already know, parrots should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for their nutrition to be complete and beneficial to their health. Can parrots eat tomatoes?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Parrots should not eat tomatoes, as this can be dangerous for their health. However, there are some conditions under which it is permissible to feed a parrot with tomatoes. Not all types of tomatoes can harm your bird. But basically, tomatoes are dangerously high in acidity and can lead to the possibility of developing ulcers in a parrot.

Are there types of tomatoes that are safe for your parrot? How to feed your parrot with tomatoes for their health benefits? What cooking methods can you use? What are the health benefits and dangers of tomatoes for your parrot? Many questions are associated with such a dubious vegetable (and, in fact, a fruit). In this article, I can answer all of them in detail.

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Can Parrots Eat Tomatoes?

You know that you should diversify your parrot’s diet with various vegetables and fruits. And usually, in all sources, we can hear just “a lot of vegetables and fruits,” including experts’ information. However, few sources contain information that some vegetables and fruits are not good for parrots and may even harm their health.

So, for example, you might be surprised that avocados are dangerous for parrots. Not all fruits and vegetables are equally healthy for birds, and some are even hazardous. And tomatoes are one of them. Almost every person has them in the kitchen, and this makes them even more dangerous. After all, you can think before you feed your parrot with something unusual and look for an answer. But we hardly think when we give a parrot to try the most common food, like tomatoes.

If you consider tomatoes as part of your parrot’s diet, then we can say that they are dangerous to your pet bird. Tomatoes rarely can cause serious harm in small quantities, but you should avoid regularly feeding your parrots with tomatoes. The main reason is that they contain many acids, and they provoke various digestive disorders in parrots. They can cause ulcers in the worst-case scenario or upset stomachs of varying severity.

The tomato itself negatively affects the digestion of parrots, but the leaves and stems are truly dangerous. They contain a large number of toxic substances for birds, and your parrot should avoid them even in small quantities.

You have probably come across stories from other parrot owners that they feed their pets with tomatoes. Moreover, you probably have seen such photos and comments that a parrot has a lot of fun eating tomatoes, and they like it. However, birds have problems with the nightshade family. And I’ll tell you why.

What is the Nightshade Family?

And why is it dangerous for parrots? The nightshade family is a widespread and diverse plant family that contains many crops: potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers, and tobacco. This family also contains other well-known plants that are very poisonous: mandrake and henbane.

We will not discuss mandrake and henbane – I doubt that these plants are present in your kitchen. Let’s go straight to the edibles. Edible nightshades, especially tomatoes, contain a substance that can poison your parrot. They contain specific chemical compounds – alkaloids. In fact, alkaloids are bad both for some people with chronic diseases and parrots. Alkaloids can cause seizures, breathing problems, and muscle tremors in parrots.

However, various types of tomatoes contain different alkaloids in different quantities, so it cannot be claimed that all tomatoes are equally harmful to parrots. In addition to the questionable alkaloids, plants of the nightshade family contain large amounts of vitamin D3. Excessive consumption of this vitamin by parrots can lead to excess calcium deposits in the tissues, tendons, and ligaments of your bird. It also leads to various problems caused by the accumulation of minerals in the veins and arteries. 

What Kind of Tomatoes Can Parrots Eat?

If you really want to feed your parrot with tomatoes, but you are worried about their health, I know a great solution. These are dried tomatoes. They have many health benefits for parrots, so you should add them to your pet’s diet. Moreover, you can easily cook dried tomatoes at home without extra effort and without spending a lot of time.

Parrots like the taste of dried tomatoes, but it is important to remember that when cooking them, you cannot add salt and spices, only tomatoes. What are the health benefits of dried tomatoes for your parrot?

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Vitamins and Minerals

Dried tomatoes contain many beneficial elements for your parrot’s health. They contain high amounts of vitamin C, one of the main antioxidants and vitamins for the immune system of parrots. A healthy and balanced diet of a bird should contain adequate amounts of vitamin C.

Even dried tomatoes contain a large amount of potassium, which plays an important role in the water-salt balance of parrots. Potassium helps maintain cardiovascular health and controls blood pressure. The folic acid in tomatoes helps maintain healthy cell growth throughout the parrot’s body and the functioning of all organ tissues. Vitamin K1 helps in the formation of strong bones and protects against damage from injury.

Dried tomatoes contain a full range of vitamins and minerals that your parrot will benefit from. When composing your pet’s diet, regularly add them to your parrot’s menu to ensure they get the most of their health benefits.

Healthy Heart

Parrots often suffer from various diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system. Especially this problem is relevant for those birds who consume a lot of sugar and sweeteners. However, dried tomatoes can help you reduce this risk through your parrot’s healthy diet.

Tomatoes can protect the parrot’s body from inflammation and markers of oxidative stress. They also help reduce the risk of blood clotting and positively affect the processes in the inner layers of blood vessels.

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Cancer Prevention

Tomatoes are high in lycopene. It is a very beneficial substance that helps prevent the formation of cancer cells in both humans and parrots. It reduces the number of oxygen radicals, which are believed to damage the genetic material in the body’s cells and thus contribute to the development of cancer.

Dried tomatoes were found to be much more effective than raw tomatoes. Apparently, the drying process destroys the membranes of the pulp cells and promotes the release of lycopene.

Can Parrots Eat Tomato Ketchup?

In this case, the answer depends on the choice of tomato ketchup. In general, tomato ketchup is not as dangerous as fresh tomatoes, but here we will talk about the natural food rule. You can occasionally give your parrot some tomato ketchup if you cook it yourself. Conversely, you should not give your pet store-bought ketchup. It can contain a lot of sugar, preservatives, and flavor enhancers that can harm your parrot.

Although natural tomato ketchup contains less acid than fresh tomatoes, it is still present there. Also, tomato ketchup contains a large number of carbohydrates. Large amounts of ketchup can cause the same negative health effects for parrots as fresh tomatoes. Be careful and avoid adding tomato ketchup to your parrot’s diet on a regular basis.

Can Parrots Eat Tomato Puree?

Often people try to feed the parrot with the food they cook for themselves. And if you’re making an Italian pasta with tomato puree, for example, your parrot might want to try it straight from your plate. But tomato puree contains just as much acid as fresh tomatoes and just as much sugar, which is hazardous for the birds. Therefore, you should limit the amount of tomato puree in your parrot’s diet.

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What To Do If Your Parrot Eats Tomatoes?

Perhaps this information is new to you, and you have previously made mistakes when feeding your parrot. It happens, and this is normal because you might not know that this or that food is dangerous for them. There are times when parrots try something on their own without you because they are very curious creatures.

If you’ve sometimes fed your parrot with tomatoes before, or if your pet is curious about them and sometimes eats them from your plate, you shouldn’t worry. Your parrot will be fine. After all, long-term and regular consumption of tomatoes is required for negative health effects to occur.

However, if you have regularly fed large amounts of tomatoes to your parrot, which may have formed the majority of their food intake, you should take care of your pet. Suppose you notice unusual behavior in your parrots, such as muscle cramps, lack of energy, or strange sounds. In that case, you should take your bird to the vet immediately. It is unlikely that eating tomatoes can seriously harm your parrot, but make sure they cannot eat the leaves or stems because they are toxic to birds.


So, summing up, I can say that you should limit the use of tomatoes for your parrot. As with cherries, some limitations and exceptions are appropriate for your pet. Do not let your parrot eat the leaves or stems of the tomatoes, but sometimes add the tomato fruit itself to your pet’s diet.

Remember, there are ways to cook tomatoes that will not harm your parrot and may even benefit their health. These are dried tomatoes that are completely safe and homemade ketchup that you can sometimes give to your parrot in small quantities. Combine different fruits and vegetables as part of a balanced diet for your pet bird.