Can Parrots Eat Crackers? Debunking the Myths

Most people don’t have a preference for their crackers. It’s such a simple product that not even all people eat it! However, if you’ve seen a movie or two in your life or have read lots of books, you are probably familiar with the mentions of crackers and parrots together. But do these birds really favor crackers? Or is it simply a stereotype that has to be debunked? And are they safe at all for parrots?

Today, I’m going to discuss this issue and offer you a detailed guide on this kind of food. And let’s start with the obvious question….

Yes, parrots can eat crackers. This product is safe for them when given in moderation. Another issue to be mindful of is salt in crackers. There are simple varieties not harmful to birds. However, the super salted ones should not be included in your pet’s diet.

Overall, the stereotype of parrots eating crackers is true! However, as with most foods, you have to be mindful of what you give your pet. Also, not all crackers are equally safe – avoid the varieties with salt – yes, the ones that would be the tastiest to you.

Yes, parrots have different needs and may actually enjoy the tastes that seem bland to you. They do need some salt to remain healthy, but birds can get the necessary amount from their natural diet. The added salts are not the end of the world but can lead to bowel problems in their primary effects.

Remember the article Can Parrots Eat Peanuts? This is the same issue as with crackers. Added salts make them not edible for birds. You can check the negative effects in the article.

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And considering that some crackers are allowed, let’s discuss how to choose them, in what form to serve, and how often to offer them.

Can Parrots Eat Saltine Crackers Safely?

can parrots eat crackers

These are the saltiest crackers of all, so my answer is 100% no!

No situation would allow you to feed saltine crackers to a parrot. If you choose the regular crackers that seem somewhat bland to you and it turns out that they contain salt – it’s no big deal; the amount of salt is minuscule and won’t cause any troubles. But saltine crackers leave no such optimistic options.

Even if you try giving the cracker after all my warnings and your bird enjoys them, that is not a valid reason to continue such a diet. You know that too much salt is not healthy for humans but still enjoy the taste, right? And so does the parrot. But I also don’t understand that this tasty treat is harmful. This is your responsibility. Knowing the complete list of “green” and “red” foods is vital for any pet owner!
However, even though these crackers are not allowed, there are a few kinds that you can give! We’ll get to them, I promise!

Can Parrots Eat Graham Crackers Safely?

can parrots eat crackers

This type of cracker is less salty, yes. However, it’s still not healthy enough to be safe for your parrot.

Instead of lots of salt, they are packed with lots of sugar. And it’s just as dangerous for birds as salt, especially the processed kinds. Yet again, accidental consumption of a tiny bit of sugar is okay. However, you never know what amount is okay in practice. Anyway, Grahams are too sweet for that! And why risk it at all? Keep your parrot’s diet natural!

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Also, mind that I don’t know every type of cracker. You may find a “graham” cracker wherever you are that is less sugary and can occasionally be given to parrots. If you manage to find such a bag, be sure to leave the brand in the comment so that all parrot owners can treat their birds from time to time.

If you have already given your parrot’s Grahams, and it seems to adore them, be mindful that I could be a sugar addict. Just like people have! Rear the label and check for sugar or sweet syrups. If they are placed in the top three, that is definitely not a parrot-friendly cookie.

Diabetes may be a possible consequence!

Can Parrots Eat Ritz Crackers Safely?

can parrots eat crackers

That’s a miss yet again! Ritz is not as salty as saltine crackers, but they are still not healthy.

The amount of salt is too much for a parrot to handle. And that is a bad quality for your pet!

However, they are still less harmful. Thus, if your parrots eat a Ritz cracker accidentally, so you’ve given it without knowing the negative sides, no reason to worry! One cracker occasionally will not harm a parrot. But it also won’t bring health benefits. And, as an owner, a parent even, you’d want to enrich your parrot with nutrients wherever possible!

Overall, know that Ritz is okay in tiny bits, but I suggest not giving it to the bird at all. Eventually, the small doses of salt may grow into a bigger problem. You can surprise your parrot with other kinds of crackers and foods overall.

When it comes to pets, they quickly become our family members. Thus, you want them to be as healthy as possible. Controlling everything in their diet is a sure way to moderate everything! It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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Can Parrots Eat Salt-Free Crackers?

Bingo! You’ve found the right crackers!

This is your most important question in the article. Yes! If you find such crackers, go for it! An occasional cracker once a day will diversify your parrot’s diet and won’t harm it along the way. But that is only if you find the ones that are 100% salt-free. Read the labels carefully; pay attention to “sodium” as well.

However, such crackers should also be without added sugars! There is no point in limiting salt when the product is packed with sugars. Just throw these crackers altogether. Or eat them yourself! But only in moderation. After all, your parrots need a healthy owner to take care of them.

If there is no salt in the crackers you’ve found, it means that you don’t have to worry about what amount of salt would be okay for a bird so tiny. Honestly, it’s hard to determine how much salt you give your pet via processed foods and how much is too much for them!

Can Parrots Eat Toasted Crackers Safely?

can parrots eat crackers

If you think that your parrot likes to eat something crunchy and dry, you are right. Well, not super dry, at least. However, crackers are already crunchy, so your bird will gladly munch on them.

If you still want to make them extra crispy, feel free to toast them! Just choose the crackers that are safe for pets! Simply putting them in the oven doesn’t reduce the amount of salt in the crackers.

If you take the allowed crackers and crisp them even more, be sure to cool them before giving them to your bird. Yes, parrots are used to warm climates, but they are not used to hot foods. They can burn their tongue the same as people!

Generally speaking, if you have fresh and crispy crackers, you don’t even need to go that extra mile and waste your time. The bird will like it anyway.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Crackers for Parrots?

can parrots eat crackers

Those salt-free crackers that are allowed for birds don’t have harmful ingredients. Instead, they can bring some benefits to your parrot’s health! I wouldn’t say that they are as beneficial as veggies but still have their positive sides.

Low in Calories

Crackers contain a low number of calories. And considering that you won’t give too many crackers to the bird as they should be a “treat,” it reduces the overall calories it consumes. And crackers fill up your parrot for a long time.

Generally, parrots should maintain a low-calorie diet to remain healthy throughout their lives! Thus, avoid high-calorie foods as much as possible. However, a low-calorie snack is always beneficial.

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Lots of Energy

At the same time, crackers give your parrot energy! The calorie/energy ratio in crackers is wonderful. As a result, your bird doesn’t feel hunger for a long time and has the strength to be active and playful.


Parrot diet is a sensitive matter as they often have issues with digestion. Thus, they need enough fibers in their ration to maintain digestive health. And crackers are a perfect treat if you know that.

Overall, crackers are a controversial treat for your parrot. If you know where to find and the salt- and sugar-free options, it can become an occasional quick snack to boost the bird’s energy levels. If you have only low-salt options at home, it’s better not to risk your parrot’s health and refrain from giving them whatsoever.