Welcome! My name is Irene and I'm an avid parrot enthusiast and breeding assistant. It all began when I was little and got my first parrot pet. Since then, there wasn't a time when I didn't have a chirping bird around. I'll gladly share the experience and knowledge I've gathered after years of parrot ownership and sanctuary volunteering!

Sliced cucumber

Can Parrots Eat Cucumbers?

Cucumbers are one of the most popular vegetables in the world. Many people don’t like it, some people avoid it in their diets, and some like to eat cucumbers every day. However, it’s impossible to deny their health benefits. Cucumbers are one of the beneficial vegetables for any healthy human diet. What about parrots? Can …

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parrots good pets

17 Arguments Why Parrots Make Good Pets, You Don’t Know What You Are Missing 

Parrots are among the most interesting pets you can adopt! Among the whole variety of animals who can happily live in captivity, parrots have certain unique features that make them the perfect companion for many people.  The long lifespan of the birds and their openness to social interaction with people make parrots a desirable pet …

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Yellow, green and red colorful bell peppers, natural background

Can Parrots Eat Bell Peppers?

Bell peppers can be a part of a nutritious colorful menu for people. However, can you feed your parrot with a bell pepper diet? Is it really safe? Yes, and we’ll explain why. Parrots can eat colorful bell peppers because this healthy meal is loaded with nutrients for the bird too. In this article, we’ll …

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Dracula parrot

Is Dracula Parrot Real?

There is a whole world of fiction and culture around vampires. Some people believe in the existence of vampires, and many people are even afraid of them. And some people dream of becoming vampires or even lead such a lifestyle. This culture will surely become a part of our history. And rumor has it that …

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